I'm so Disappoint in Some of You, Racist Asians
I've read other message boards where many minorities(even 'different' Asians) get racism from us Asians. If you're one of those
scumbags then stop it now. That's why there is so much hate and prejudice in the world because one racist comment is "avenged"
with another and then more and more racism spreads until we have our present day racist world, where everyone is trying to cut
everyone else down instead of cooperating and fighting together against the real enemy that caused all this crap in the first place.
That's the saddest part because we've divided ourselves and then we're all easily exploited by which dominant power is in place
(now, it's the whites). When you see other minorities in trouble, HELP them.

This tactic is known as divide and conquer. They splinter groups using divisive non-issues such as religion, abortions, and other
nonsense. None of these things matter in the grand scheme of things. What matters is that we're all getting screwed by the same white
supremacy. What's odd about the minorities is this respect that they give to their oppressors.

Here's a writeup about this

We minorities are all the victims of media brainwashing. When I see a black guy, I think athletic, basketball draft, low iq, poor, gang
affiliations, likes rap BUT I tell myself to remember they're a human being with their own life and interests and the low iq score is
based on a racist flawed study. I try to read about important Black people and there were some hugely important Black inventors
that we owe many of our life's comforts to. You'll won't hear about them in the racist white media because that would completely
shatter the negative stereotypes they've trapped Blacks into. Remember, everyone is unique and has great potential. Build them up.
Help them. Do not cut them down unless it's warranted - and even then, use facts, logic, reason, humor - not false racist stereotypes.

I saw a video of an attractive Black woman who liked Asian men and was promoting bf/am relationships. However, she also noted
overly sexually aggressive Asian men suddenly treated her like she was easy and behaved disrespectfully towards her. Sound
familiar? All men regardless of skin color can be scum bags. Let's stand out for good reasons.
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