Understanding Anti-Asian Male Racism and Asian
Female Racist Sexualization

Systemic/Structural Racism
I will list lots of examples of racism, but this is the foundation that empowers it: the government and the nation are inherently racist
and support anything that promotes negative views of Asian males and sexually objectifying views of Asian females. Evidence of this
is seen in the popularity of

● Negatively stereotyping messages in Amy Tan's racist views of Asian men in her books
● William Hung, the impossibly asexual stereotype looking american idol contestant
● Gok Wan, the caustic homosexual tv personality
● Creepy weirdo actor, who happens to have a small penis, Ken Jeong
● Goofy silly asexual martial artist actor, Jackie Chan
● Nerdy Masi Oka on Heroes tv show
● asexual silent and short martial artist, Jet Li (he's a real life tough guy but he's short)
● Asian female white male couples on tv and in ads

note: To be fair, things have begun to improve with more positive roles on Lost, Hawaii Five 0, Walking Dead, Harold and Kumar,
and Glee.

Perpetuating these stereotypes reinforces these beliefs as explained by "expectancy theory".

One must ask WHY do authors like Amy Tan with such damaging views become 'authorities'.

Why did the terribly stereotypical William Hung get so much air time AND a record deal when he has no future as a singer....?

It's common for minorities to get dirty looks before speaking. However, once they show that they can understand English then the
rudeness morphs into civility. This abrupt change in behavior is caused by their in-grained racism being confronted. Sadly, if given the
chance they will bully and take advantage. Again, this is why minorities have to fight. They won't give you respect until you take it.

There are so many forms of structural racism such as:
● Anti-Asian racism is completely acceptable. To them, making chink eyes, speaking "ching chong" is just a joke and Asians are
over-reacting when they're justifiably upset.

● Asian being bullied in school. Studies show that 54% of Asian kids get bullied one or more of physical, mental, emotional.The
national average is 20%. Crazier is that, we get bullied more than gays do.

● Asians needing higher grades than others to get into universities
● Asians are overlooked for promotions
● Asians are often laid off first
● Asians are less likely to land a job with better qualifications.
● Asians are given the grunt work
● Asian men are ridiculed openly
● Asian women get hit on with racist sexist stereotypes
● White hate crimes against Asians (but especially against Blacks) are routinely dismissed by courts or given wrist slap charges
● Police brutality against Asians (but especially against Blacks) are routinely dismissed by courts or given wrist slap charges

Here's a white guy who wanted first hand experience of what racism Black's face. He did this by taking pills that temporarily turned
his skin blacker. After one week, he broke down in tears and stopped the experiment. The racism he experienced blew his mind.
This is what many whites simply don't get. They have no sense of the rampant racism that minorities go through.

If I'm being honest, what Asians go through is a joke compared to what Blacks, Latinos, and especially Native Indians go through.
When you see them going through hard times, please help them out.

We Are Not Post-Racial
Here's more proof. For once, there's a mixed race family with a Black man and a White woman with a biracial looking kid in a
Cheerios commercial. The ad has attracted racist comments from so-called secure rugged white male heroes. If you were living in a
post-racial society, this would never happen. How often do you see Asians going crazy over seeing an Asian female with a white
male on tv. This is really just like the lynchings of the Blacks back in the 1950's. The only reason they don't lynch now is because it's

Just look at their actions. White men sport screw female minorities (truly the lowest form of behavior outside of rape, which they
usually do during their wars for "freedom") all over and very few male minorities will lynch them. Show just an ad with a Black father,
and guys start complaining about the oppression of whites.

A more recent example is the torrent of racist remarks on twitter after the announcement that an East Indian lady won Miss America
2013 and the runner up was Chinese. Some people even called her a terrorist.

Again, within the same month, an Asian wins a reality tv contest and racism is out in full force. This is why you should NEVER EVER
believe their nonsense about post-racial color blind love conquers all propaganda.

Look at bullying and aggression against minorities. The justice department findings showed both New York and Philly school
violence was enabled by teachers. Administrators, local leaders, and even security staff with behavior ranging from indifference,
promotion, lack of punishment.

Lies: Their Favorite Weapon
This behavior is reflected even in small expat communities. Here's a perfect example that shows how certain racist whites males
spread lies and negatives stereotypes about Asian men to jealously and desperately guard "their" white women.


As you read this, keep in mind how these shady tactics are IDENTICAL to white media spreading lies about Asian males.
Some white guys can't win on merit alone so they have to lie and cheat to win. This really is no different than a pathetic guy trying to
steal a girl from her boyfriend by spreading rumors that he's an evil womanizer with a small penis. This behavior is so weak, sneaky,
spineless, timid, and pathetic. What a coincidence! These negative traits are all the things they accuse Asian men of being.
Summary of main points:
White girl moves to Korea with the media-fed belief that Asian men are a sexually worthless. Her brainwashed friends and family

On an overseas westerner-owned ESL teaching website, the overwhelming theme was western women will be dateless and sexless
because all Korean men are asexual pansies, Korean men have no interest in western women, they're all sexist, and western men
want only Korean women.

She quickly learns these negative views were all written by western males.

Any western woman offering a different viewpoint is quickly shut down by western men.

Upon landing in Korea, she is met with western women complaining about Korean men being ugly, gay, or girl. Oddly, she found
plenty of masculine dateable Korean men, but the stereotypes were unshakable in her western female friend's minds.

Her female friends were frustrated that western men were only interested in Korean females.

She noticed that western men were constantly feeding these stereotypes about Korean men being girly and uninterested in white

She arrives at a bar with her Korean male date and instantly, a western male interrupts the date - one after the other, insecure white
racist male after insecure white racist male would try to break up the date. When the Korean male date was away, remarks to
negatively stereotype the Korean man were made. This is completely pathetic is the exact opposite of the image that's fed to people
about the "rugged, heroic, confident, and honorable" white male.

When the put-downs fail, the white racist males shift goal posts. Now, the Korean men were no longer uninterested in white females.
It's that they just use white females for sex (oh, the irony). This is important to understand, as racist white males will always try to find
some reason to smear Asian men as a villain. If one lie doesn't work, they'll just replace it with another lie.

The white males continue to force these lies onto her. But she refused to listen. This is when the white racist male goes into beast
mode with his sneaky tactics by threatening to smear her reputation and to cut her out of the expat group for dating Korean men. She
believes other white women just caved in to the white racist male demands to stay on the expat group's good side and were thus
single. This girl refuses to cave in and dates Korean men..

Later, she meets other western women who also went against the racist expat group and dated Korean men. Some develop a
"yellow fever" for Korean men. There are other white female bloggers who share their experiences dating Korean men and other
western women enjoy it.

She notes that it's a minority that were doing these sneaky tactics. However, I think that's apologetic nonsense since she states early
on that negative stereotypes about Asian men were rampant on the westerner-owned ESL teaching site, which indicates many of
these western males were insecure losers, who resort to lies to attack Asian men. This just proves how pervasive and pathetic some
of these racist white males are while claiming to be "egalitarian, freedom loving, rugged, and honorable" yet engaging in military-
strength propaganda and smear campaigns.

Internalizing Racist Stereotypes
Some survey revealed that all women preferred their own men except Asian women. When asked why, they list the media-fed
stereotypical ugly physical attributes of Asian men. However, when asked "What if the Asian man had white physical attributes?",
they still wouldn't date them.

The study is titled, Internalized Gendered Racism in Asian American Women's Accounts of Asian and White Masculinities

The gist is that Asian females describe Asian males using the same negative stereotypes they see in white racist media and they
describe white males with the positive images they see in white racist media. In other words, some Asian females are
brainwashed by the media to hate Asian males and desire white males. The result is racist self-hate, where she despises
her own culture and her Asian brothers.

This study illustrates white patriarchal racism's immense power in securing compliance by getting the oppressed to do it to

Note: The reason this doesn't affect other minorities as much is because they don't attack other non-Asian minority males with as
many negative stereotypes (especially sexually negative stereotypes)

Before you think this only affects the weak minded...
Malcom Gladwell, the highly educated and famous BLACK author of Blink!, took the Intuitive Association Test (IAT) and it
showed he had an unconscious prejudiced against Blacks (his own ethnicity) and a moderate automatic preference for whites. He
took it multiple times with the same result. Again, this is an author who is famous for his sharp thinking ability and he is still

Here is another essay on stereotypes http://sitemaker.umich.edu/psy457_lamyiu/stereotypes_and_dating_attitudes_

The more Asian males see these racist stereotypes, the more our subconscious believes them to be true and in time, we become the
very stereotypes they attack us with. You must question what you believe about yourself and ask "is it true?", "are there cases where
it isn't?, "WHY do I believe it is true?", etc.

Understanding Racist Self-Hating Asian Females
I'll explain this as it relates to racist self-hate in Asian females. I think the biggest reasons are media, social, cultural, physical, and

She views Asian men with the negative stereotypes fed by the media and society. She also views whites with the positive stereotypes
fed by the media. She feels drawn to the illusion of white superiority while being disgusted by the illusion of Asian inferiority. See the
section above that discusses the relevant study.

She feels excluded from what's mainstream and popular. She wants to fit in very much. Only by abandoning her culture does she feel
it's possible. The mainstream is similarly brainwashed to view Asian males as worthless so she'll feel embarrassed to be with Asian

They may feel that their culture represents only submission, conformity, humility, weakness, etc. They often see things as black and
white. They fail to see the positive aspects of ethics/morality, family values, treating intimate relationships as special, focus on
education, atheism, a rich history, etc. They similarly forget to see the pitfalls of the west's greedy and inhumane capitalism, centuries
of rape/plunder/slavery, mindless consumerism, celebrity/moron worship, war mongering, war crimes, violence, high divorce rates,
etc. They're often oblivious to the crimes whites have committed against non-whites throughout history since history books omit these
inconvenient truths.

Her own family may be first generation and thus very fob'ish (fresh off the boat) complete with thick accents, unhygienic practices
like spitting on sidewalks, and poor dressers. She'll feel ashamed and want to distance herself from such stereotypes. Oddly, her
own uninformed family will think highly of whites simply because they have wealth (nevermind, some of it was stolen from their own
native lands).

Asian studies teach a mixture of half truths using misrepresentations of Asian culture. It's more accurate to call it orientalism -
reducing an entire group of people to demeaning stereotypes that are "inferior" to "superior" whites. Here, she'll "learn" that all Asian
men are sexist pigs, wife beaters, cheaters (yet paradoxically, also asexual and girly), etc.

Asian females rarely look like the western ideals of beauty. She feels inferior for having black hair instead of blonde, or being shorter,
or being less curvaceous. She overlooks all her strong points - smooth skin, slow aging, youthful beauty, delicate femininity, no body
hair/peach fuzz, etc.

She may feel that she can't compete for the top Asian male so chooses a white male instead. However, she invents reasons to justify
her choice. She rationalizes that Asian men are a bunch of negative stereotypes she's been fed by the racist media.

She could want to move up the social ladder and make pair up with a established white since there are less established minorities.

To further understand the racist-self hater, you can read read the asian female white male pairing explained
Racism is Learned
See this video, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VifdBFp5pnw,  "Kids React to Controversial Cheerios Commercial". Notice
how all these kids enjoyed the commercial. They are not born racist. Sadly, when they grow up, they'll be brainwashed with
endless racist stereotypes as they see more media and develop a hatred of other ethnicities based on lies.

Parents are the biggest source of racism because some pass these beliefs on and others do nothing to protect their children from it.
Other white parents foolishly believe racism is when you attack someone physically or use a racist slur. All the subtle and structural
racism fails to register on their radar so their intentions, while honorable, are largely useless until they understand what racism really
involves. However, even that will likely be countered by complete denial.

Asian men who are objectively attractive and social have no dating problems in non-English speaking (non-anglo racist) white
countries because the racist anti Asian male media haven't brainwashed those people (or at least, not as heavily). I'm not saying
women are throwing themselves at them, but I am saying if they're objectively a datable guy, he will have no negative reactions simply
for being an Asian man..

After some research Asian men seem to do fine in the following regions: Eastern Russia, Sweden, France, Germany, Italy, Poland
(Wroclaw), Most of Northern Europe, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Peru, Porto Alegre (For Portuguese speakers), Bogota for Koreans,
Pacific Islands, Midwestern rural (white mostly) USA like Minnesota, the Dakotas, Montana, and Iowa (this shocks me because
they get the same anti Asian male racist programming as the coastal areas. Someone said it's because there's less Asians so we're
seen as exotic, whereas the coastal areas are more picky because of all the money and extra good looking people (models, actors,
entertainers, ceos, etc) so the coastal women tend to aim beyond their means and are very superficial.

Keep in mind, these reports are from attractive Asian men who said they had a much easier time in those countries compared to
anglo racist countries.

Exogamy (marry another ethnicity) among overseas Chinese males is extremely common except in north america and other racist
anglo countries. All over Southeast Asia, Latin America, Oceania, Indian Ocean territories, etc., there is nothing unusual about Asian
male - non-Asian female couples. The majority of these couples would involve Asian males rather than Asian females, because Asian
females rarely emigrated in the old days.

This is a recurring theme where the SAME ethnicity (white, hispanic, slavic) people treat Asian men differently if they live in racist
anglo countries or not. See below.

Here's some more evidence
"Some of these countries are getting a regular flow of Korean/Taiwanese dramas. And thank God for youtube because these girls
now follow Kpop and sh1t. Take a walk around the Chinatown of Paris and you will be gobsmacked - hot French girls holding
Nonno and other Japanese magazines, stunning Euroasian French chicks with hideously ugly boyfriends."

I underline that to point out the immense power of media. If Asian tv dramas can do that to French women then what do you think all
the white worshiping media does to Asian women and white men relationships?

A good number of the non-Asian women that like Asian guys have seen Korean dramas. Therefore, media, especially positive media
helps humanize and/or sexualize Asian males. Anti-Asian the media that exists in racist anglo countries destroys our image and forms
false beliefs, and asexualizes Asian men.

European females exposed to anime also are strongly drawn to Asian males.

Advanced Racism: Shifting Goal Posts
When one negative stereotype is disproven, the racists will use another negative stereotype. The use of such rampant reputation
smearing is out of jealousy, envy, insecurity, and inferiority. They simply can't believe an Asian of all people can succeed without
cheating or having some other flaw. Whites will do whatever it takes to feel superior even if that means lying to themselves. Actually,
especially if it means lying to themselves because it's the easiest way.

● The first Asians in america were labeled weak and frail. Yet they disproved this by working on the toughest and most dangerous
jobs during the railway construction and excelling. These are the jobs that "rugged" white men were too scared to even touch.
● Then they were labeled hyper sexual savages. This was disproved because unlike the whites they didn't rape and kill people.
● Then they were labeled mentally inferior. This was disproved with their highest average iq and highest average education level.
● Then they were labeled economically inferior. This was disproved by the rise of Japan, Singapore, South Korea, China, and India.
● Then they were labeled robotic and uncreative. This was disproved by their continued technological breakthroughs and high patent
   applications submissions. See http://www.scimagojr.com/countryrank.php. China is almost on engineering parity with the USA.

   Historically, there's so much that was wildly creative. Here's just a single Asian country. I couldn't even go through the list because it was
   so long http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Chinese_inventions

● Then the men were labeled asexual. Let's disprove them like we always have.

An Asian man's success is not a badge of merit but used by racist anglo countries as evidence of his flawed character and devious
evil mind. Otherwise, "How could be have possibly bested the "superior" whites?" is what they ask.

A well-loved stereotype is that Asian athletes are too weak to compete against "superior" westerners. The 2002 World Cup in South
Korea is a clear example of this racism. The South Korean team beat soccer giants such as Spain, Portugal, and Italy, who
screamed conspiracy and accused the Koreans of cheating. The Italians threatened to drop the Korean player, who scored the
winning goal against them, from the Italian team for whom he had been playing.

Boxer, Manny Pacquiao, had his victories tarnished with accusations of cheating with drugs.

Japan's economic rise between the 1970's and 1980's sparked remarks that the Japanese were robotic and without personality, and
therefore better suited for grunt work. Similarly, China's economic rise sparked accusations of cheating, savagery, stealing, etc. With
these slanderous remarks, white racists can fool itself into believing Asians are only prosperous because they're scum but they, the
"honorable" whites, still have their dignity..but they actually don't if you read real white history.

Basketball player, Jeremy Lin, is the latest victim of this. Here's an Asian man who can play well in a sport. So, now the chink and
small penis jokes return because white racists just can't stand to see an Asian outside of his box of negative stereotypes because it
would dispel their white supremacy myth.

Even their stereotypes contradict each other. Asian men are allegedly asexual wussies but cheat and beat their wives too.

The upshot of all this is that there is no reason to trust or believe anything that is written about Asian people by self-
described western "experts".

American culture is so conditioned to conceive of Asians in negative ways that "it just doesn't feel right" to not include negative
caveats about Asians. This why it is possible for America's attitudes towards Asians to be directed by so few and accepted by so
many by shifting the goal posts and no one ever notices that the stereotypes are irrational - even when they're disproven every single

Sexualization of Asian Females
There were at least two forces that built these sexual stereotypes of Asian females: wars/occupation and media.


The Asian male as vanquished foe, the Asian female, loot to be plundered

Underneath all ethnic fetishes is the deviant desire feel powerful by stealing the foreign women and emasculating the foreign men with
insults (and in the case of racist anglo countries - lies and insults) Such sick desires have its roots in western imperialism that still
plague much of the entire world. The west/whites have long invaded non-whites to rape, steal, and kill the men.


Fetishizing Asian females really ramped up at the end of WW2 and in Vietnam. The us soldiers were taught to dehumanize the foe
and treat the women like toys.

So many disgusting atrocities were committed. In Japan, up to 300+ rapes were reported daily. Many times it was done in front of
the male family members to humiliate the men. The americans forced Japanese media to suppress news of these crimes or anything
that was critical/true of the us military.

You can read more at the link below.

In Vietnam, they raped prepubescent girls and used child prostitutes.

Much of the concept of Asian women as sexually submissive comes from the victimized condition in which american soldiers found
these women when they arrived in combat zones throughout the Pacific. And many took full advantage.

None of these rapists were charged for their crimes. Instead, upon returning home, they spread these sick beliefs that Asian women
were just toys for their amusement. Because of these widespread beliefs, the children grow up also adopting these sick views of
Asian women.

Asian females are portrayed portrayed as exotic, mysterious, sexy, kinky, obedient, and always with a white guy in the racist media
(the Asian guy is always some asexual type). This is part of "orientalism", whereby a foreign culture and its people are reduced to
stereotypes. This has created yellow fever especially in white males.

You can learn about the history of Asian Fetish here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Asian_fetish

The result is that
1. For White men, this racist propaganda establish their sexual superiority and themselves as the alpha male that gets prioritized
sexual access to Asian females (well, all females)
2. For White women, these ideas raise their minimum standards and lower the perceived value of Asian men. Thus, making them less
likely to date out.

As for proof, when a white male is asked why he's attracted to a very average looking Asian female, he will list those same
stereotypical traits, none of which the girl possesses. Why? It's because media is that powerful. When you see a image enough, it
becomes your belief. This should prove to you that those negative stereotypes of Asian men DO hurt us a lot. More to the
point, this sexualization has endangered lots of Asian females by empowering some white males to think of them as sex toys. There
are entire forums of creepy white males who travel to East Asia just to have much sex as possible with naive/poor Asian females.
This subset of guys don't care about these women at all.

White Standards of Beauty
Beauty is defined by standards and those standards are forced down by the ruling class, whites, at this time.

● When the Romans ruled, they were considered the most beautiful.
● Small penises were considered beautiful to Romans because they were less animal like
● Skeleton-like bodies were popularized by the fashion model Twiggy
● The fact that many people think an unnaturally muscular and lean man on steroids is a signal of health is further proof that your
   views on beauty are not yours, but what you've been fed. Those magazine covers feature models that workout fulltime, dehydrate
   a full day before the shoot, oil themselves up, get professionally photographed inside a perfectly lit studio under the most favorable
   poses while flexing with all his might. In other words, it's as fake as can be.
● When the Europeans ruled, they were considered the most beautiful
● In early Chinese history, a rugged woman capable of hard labor was considered beautiful
● Later, in Chinese history, foot binding was done to get "beautiful" 3 inch feet
● I'm too lazy to look it up, but obese women were considered beautiful in Britain at one point.

For thousands of years, the Chinese were the reigning world super power. When it was overturned by the Europeans, the ideals of
beauty also changed in their favor as they spread their standards everywhere.

No study has ever confirmed that one ethnicity is more attractive than another. It's all about the way you've been taught to see things
and a big part of that is the standards you've been taught to measure people by. Currently, whites have imposed their features as the
ideals of beauty so if you adopt those standards then they'll always come out on top. However, you should ask, do those standards
make sense? When I see people with facial hair, I feel dirty just looking at them. When their hair is blonde I wonder what happened
to their pigmentation. When their skin is scaly and gross, I feel sorry for them. I try to look at things objectively so their standards of
beauty become silly to me.
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