Asian Disadvantages

I'm going to give you some harsh truths. It will hurt, but you NEED to know the truth.

People that tell you comforting but useless advice like "Just be yourself" and "be confident" are dangerous to you because you will
never learn what is holding you back.

I feel your pain because I have gone through the depression and self-doubt like many of you have. No matter how much it hurts, just
know that I'm doing this for your own good. Let's get started.

Damaged Self-Image/Confidence

There are plenty of women who would date Asian men, but you would never know because you ASSUME they don't want you
because of all the media lies and racists trying to intimidate you. Just go out and approach the women you want.

Read this to understand what goes through some Asian men's minds.

Notice the similarities between the effects of Stockholm syndrome and trauma on kidnap victims and the symptoms that are exhibited
by self hating Asian people.

The trauma caused by racial bullying and alienation will ruin other parts of their life. The most common problems are decreased
confidence. They aren't as open to other people, unwilling to engage in activities like sports or other hobbies that require aggression,
and afraid to speak up. They feel it's safer to simply remain in the background and avoid drawing attention. Uninformed white people
will just say they are 'naturally' quiet.

Some of you are saying "children in Asia are shy too". That has more to do with culture. Here's proof from a dating coach that racist
anglo countries and their anti-Asian male brainwashing is detrimental to their self-esteem.

"After the Wesley Yang article came out, one of the first women who called our ABCs of Attraction offices when they read the story
was a Japanese mother. She had married her college sweetheart, the veritable big man on campus, and who was Caucasian. She had
3 sons, two of them who looked white and had no confidence and social issues. They were following their father’s footsteps

But her third and youngest son of 14 looked the most Asian and was the shyest, least confident and least outgoing of her sons. She
had tried to send him to various summer camps and sign him up for sports and other things when she called me up. But he continued
to play video games, play Pokemon, and generally not associate with other people beyond the internet"

It's true that your environment heavily influences your reality so I want you to see this and keep looking at positive Asian male role
models  until it sinks into your head.

Self-Defeating Attitude
I see lots of online posts from people who feel the dating scene is tough on them and instead of improving themselves they complain.
Winners just do it. Rise to the challenge. Honestly, it's not even that big of a challenge as you shall see. When more of you do this,
Asian men will be seen differently. The only reason the media put downs are working is because Asian men aren't defying those
stereotypes in large numbers, yet.

This is unpopular to say, but there are enough of you stereotypical looking Asian males that it supports those stereotypes. I'm still not
going to media yet, because after you, there's something else that's far worse than media.

Refuse to Improve
This may be caused by an overwhelming sense that the odds are too stacked against you and that it's a hopeless war so you give up.
Never give up. We are all responsible for our own lives. If you are unhappy with your life then you must take action to change it. I
will show you the way (in full in-depth detail. I won't tell you to "Just be yourself" and other generic crap.

See this section for a full guide on what and how to improve for Asian men.

Remember this - social harmony is sexual suicide in Anglo countries (UK, Australia, USA, New Zealand, Canada)
Asian societies try to value social harmony over individual freedom. Thus, we have lots of people trying to fit in, save face (guard
your reputation) and that produces what the west calls "beta men" (pansies) who are:

● Tolerant because you're trying to maintain harmony and to protect your greed you need to protect the status quo by not fighting
● Respectful because you're trying to maintain harmony.
● "saving face" (guarding your reputation) leads to the Asian Poker Face because everyone wants to fit in. Worse yet, it creates
higher anxiety when approaching women and talking to people in general, which is tough enough on its own. Being completely
emotionless is romantic suicide.
● Poor eye contact because direct contact looks aggressive and may hurt harmony.
● Socially awkward. This is the result of many other factors like poor eye contact, saving face, respectful, and racist media.
● Clones of each other - how many Asians have you seen in a band, at the x-games, or at a protest?
● Unexpressive because you're trying to maintain harmony
● Obedient because you're trying to maintain harmony.
● Shy because you're trying to be "respectful". In fact, parents will often tell children to stay silent to "fit in".
● Passiveness/no-balls "nice guys" because you're trying to maintain harmony

Most of these traits disgust females - especially the passiveness, unexpressive, socially awkward, and tolerant. It tells them "I'm not a
man. I can't protect you or stand up for anything. I have no thoughts of my own. I'm just a weakling.". Everywhere in the world, a
female wants a MAN. Don't let the bad (keep the good) parts of our culture (I'm Asian so I can say this) poison your mind or
prevent you from being a man.

Note: there's a big difference between cultures regarding attractiveness. In the East, being quiet and thoughtful is attractive. In the
west, it's a sin. So, there's definitely a cultural clash.

The guy who invented this is Confucius. He had noble intentions to create a happy society based on
humaness/ethics/morality/intgelligence. In other words, being good humans first and foremost, but he undoubtedly ConfusedUs all
with his philosophy.

Here's a great article on the degeneration of ancient Asian warrior societies into Confucian societies. The summary is that after long
periods of peace, the warrior class took a back seat to the pacifist scholar type also known as pushover outside of Asia.

It also references this horror in tigers that grew up so tame because of being domesticated that it was scared when it saw chickens.

Social harmony may work in East Asia but it doesn't work in many other countries where this behavior is viewed as an excuse to
push you around.

If they're being jerks then stand up for yourself and if you must, fight. Send a stern message to all those who would oppress you.
Remember, bullies are in fact the biggest cowards. Notice how they only prey on people they perceive to be weaker and they
runaway at the first sign of danger.

Unexpressive AKA Asian Poker Face
You hide your emotions and develop an Asian Poker Face that can creep people out. This also affects your ability to show emotions
even when you want to and thus you may come across as less romantic even in relationships.

I think this also explains why Asians in general lack displays of affection like hugs, kisses, hair stroking, even verbally, etc.

Undeveloped Personality
I observed many Asians are followers, who are so well molded by society. You get good grades, get a degree, get a good job, start
a family, and you just go through the path that's been laid out for you. You fail to question more - especially authority. Do you have
any interests outside of making money, entertainment, and consumption?

You refuse to try things or look silly because of your culture. This results in many Asians acting all the same. Everyone is somewhat
different and expressing that difference is a big part of what makes someone attractive (within limits).

My personal experience is that my mother would always try to silence me at social gatherings to show respect. This sort of thing is
what kills someone's personal growth.

After researching some more, I found this insightful link that may explain part of the cause for at least westernized Asians. However,
foreign Asian males still have undeveloped personalities though so this insight is inconclusive. I think it's a mix of Asian culture and
systemic racism..

Article summary :
Racist anglo countries and their normalization of anti-Asian male behavior with media stunts social development. How confident can
an Asian male be when people make fun of the way you look, mock the languages that you speak, and spread lies about you.

Fathers are Useless Romantic Male Role Models
I think this is generally the case everywhere, but especially in Asian cultures because of Confucian values favoring group harmony
over sexual aggressiveness so once again, you get many (not all) beta male types.

Overbearing Parents with High Achieving Goals
They had good intentions but there's no doubt a lot of unhappy lawyers, engineers/stem careers, accountants, and doctors as a result.
Not only that, they made sure you study so you had no time for meeting girls and becoming a social human.

Preserving the "Pure Bloodline"
Asian Parents want to you to only date and marry an Asian if you're male, which just reinforces the moronic "Asian guys aren't
interested in non-Asian women" belief. Understand that they wanted the best for you. However, "The road to hell is paved with good
intentions". My advice to you is to tell your parents to leave you alone You can't hide from this eventuality. Sooner or later, you will
tell your parents to leave you alone over something - so why not for something important?

Patriarchy/Forcing Traditional Roles on Women/Gender Inequality
This problem exists everywhere, but it seems extreme in certain East Asian countries. I know feminism is making progress in some
countries, but it's important that you embrace gender equality. You're different but of equal value. No feminized woman will ever go
back to extreme patriarchy. They may like a traditional role but they want and deserve respect.

Far Reaching Anti-Asian Male Racist Media
This includes TV, film, newspapers, magazines, advertisements, and even theatre plays that are seen in North America AND (very
important) around the world. You'll rarely see Asian centric media in the USA but American entertainment is popular overseas so
their brainwashing is super powerful.

Negative Stereotypes of Asian Men
Sessue Hayakawa captured the hearts of many white women in the early 1900's Hollywood even as the perpetual villain who lost the
white female to the white male. The insecure white racists were quick to learn from this and henceforth sabotaged East Asian men
with negatives stereotypes instead of letting Asian men shine - even as a villain. This pattern of resorting to lies and dirty tricks would
be the foundation for all racist anglo and Asian male relationships up to and including the present day.

Now, the Asian man is almost always a silent ninja, clown (ken Jeong, Jackie Chan), flamboyant homosexual (Gok Wan),
phenomenal loser (William Hung of American Idol), geek/nerd (everyone else). ALL OF THEM ARE ASEXUAL, meek, girly
looking, homosexual, etc. Even the emmy winning TV show, The Amazing Race casts only Asians who fit the geeky stereotype.

Note: I know there are exceptions like Glen from the Walking Dead, but please, those rare exceptions don't invalidate the libraries
filled with negative stereotypes.

White racists will try to attack us with these negative stereotypes:
● Small penis. No legitimate study can confirm this. Only their flawed racist studies "support" this. Read the Asian men small penis lie
● Very short ( a lot of the height issue is caused by malnutrition or diet). North American Asians are generally taller.
● Villain
● Sneaky and underhanded
● Dishonorable
● Evil
● Girly looking (some of them do look girly, but it's largely because they dress poorly and never workout or play sports)
● Quiet
● Shy
● Weird
● Always asexual
● Fighter

This hurts your ego and brainwashes females to assume we're all asexual and weak. It's so bad that when a non-Asian woman likes
an Asian man - she'll have her social circle warning them about their supposedly small penis. Hell, it's so bad, some Asian men will be
surprised that a white girl likes them. Skeptics will claim Asian men are blowing it out of proportion, we can't take a joke, and it's
harmless. Read the next section and weep.

These negative images of Asian males as weak and submissive Asian females embolden racial hostility and aggression against Asian

Negative stereotypes of black men as violent and aggressive fuel police brutality and even cause the death of innocent black children.

I will say this, very few people acknowledge that the martial artist stereotype should help us. It is surprising that no one fears making
fun of us even after we're depicted to be killers. It probably has to do with the overwhelming number of girly men roles shown in
media and also our generally tolerant/meek behaviors..

Anti-Asian Biased Foreign "News" Sites
Chinasmack, Shanghailist, Chinahush, TheBeijinger, and many others are very influential to white audiences and all they report all the
worst of China. Every report is something terrible yet rare like a rape, murder, violent attack, etc. Any foreigner that relies on such a
site to inform themselves would think China (and any other East Asian country) that suffers similar "reporting" is a hell hole.

The commenters are largely white males that have a tendency to keep lying and slandering Asian men and sexualizing Asian women.
There's next to no oversight by the owners. It's truly sickening.

If you find it hard to understand what this is, it's tabloid journalism applied to East Asia disguised as legitimate East Asian news.

Sexualization of Asian Females With Only white males in Media
Asian women paired up with white men everywhere, but it's rare to see an Asian man paired with a white female or any female.

Worshiping white males
White men are always portrayed as the prize, which makes sense since we live in a white society. Asian men are always portrayed as
the prize in Asia too. The problem is the way this society spreads negative stereotypes of Asians and other minorities.

Worshiping white Ideals of Beauty
Although this hurts all Asians, my sense is that Asian females are hurt more simply because looks are far more important for a female
and their self-image is already under constant attack by society and multiple "beauty" industries.
Lying through entertainment
Take "Miss saigon", a theatre play about a Vietnamese prostitute who falls in love with a white american soldier and kills her "evil"
Vietnamese boyfriend, and then kills herself so their child can get a "better life in america".

Here are the REAL historical facts: white american soldiers raped defenseless females (Mai Lai Massacre), torched their fertile soil,
poisoned them with the chemical weapon, "agent orange", which caused many birth defects, pillaged, killed millions of Vietnamese,
indirectly caused millions of deaths across South East Asia, and continue to exploit of the weakened East and South East Asians to
this day. Without any way to survive they turned to prostitution. Now, they write this racist play to turn the rapist/murder into a hero.

That's the power of media brainwashing and it's also why some Asian women simply don't know any better and actually think white
guys are heroic wonderful people. To be fair, not all whites are evil and some are heroic. There are Vietnamese restaurants named
Miss Saigon. Do you have any idea how insane that is? That's like a Jewish restaurant named Hitler's Delight.

Whitewashing Asian Roles with white people
Whenever there are positive Asian roles, Hollywood casts white people to play them instead. This way, they can keep oppressing
Asian males and feeding people the negative stereotypes that they want. It's also possible that they are trying to appeal to the white
demographic. However, that leaves the curious case of Sessue Hayakawa, who white females swooned over. I think clear they
simply don't want Asian males to get a positive image.

Lies about Asian men Having a Small Penis
Sports anchor, Jason Whitlock, made a small penis about Jeremy Lin.

The movie "Rush Hour 2" made a small penis joke - *Pulls bath towel off an Asian thug* and remarks "No wonder you angry.".

The movie, Hang Over 2, deliberately picked an Asian who happens to have a small penis to go nude to "prove" that Asian men are
all small.

Comedians make small penis jokes (Eddie Murphy - "He's flying because they got nothing holding them down and Blacks walk with
a limp because they packin".

According to british racist media, Indian men have the smallest penis size in the world. Oh really? So, it's not East Asians any more?
Here's why. East Asians are more common in america so the "studies" claim they have the smallest penis sizes. East Indians are more
common in britain so their "studies" find Indian men have the smallest penis size.

You can learn the truth about Asian men and penis size here


Penis Size
Read this link that debunks the small Asian man penis myth

Asian males differ in height a lot depending on their origin and also whether they live in the city or the country. You'll also notice
height has a LOT to do with nutrition and diet. Asian city dwellers are taller than rural folk. Japanese males average 5"7. Chinese
males in the city average 5"8 (rural average is 5"5). South Korean males average 5"8.5 (compare that to the malnourished North
Korean at 5"5) The taller countries average just an inch or two more than our Asian city dwellers. Black Americans are 5"10 on

Note: some Asian countries do have shorter males between 5"2 to 5"6

I noticed that the average height difference between genders within the same race is remarkably consistently 5 to 6 inches. I think this
may be a sweet spot for people to keep in mind when trying to meet someone. It would also help explain why even just a difference
of 1 to 2 inches can be very bad for dating because just 1 inch is 16% to 25% shorter than their unconscious expectations (I'm
guessing it's built into a female's biology). At 2 inches, the difference is between 33% to 40% shorter than their expectations.

This page corroborates my findings but suggests the optimal height is actually best expressed a percentage. The man should be 10%
taller than the woman. Again, this is just an ideal, obviously there are many other factors at play like looks, brains, income etc

Some study on differences between couples found that the rarest difference in married couples is a taller woman with a shorter man.
This one difference beat everything else: education, religion, political views, age, sexual experience, ethnicity, education, diet, etc.

Unfortunately, this sucks for shorter men. It simply means you should look for shorter girls, get better in every other way, and/or
become rich, powerful, high status, or famous.

Please keep in mind that averages are averages. There are short white women who can find a comfortably taller and bigger Asian
man. This weakens Belot and Fidrmuc's "taller husband" study that claimed Asian male and white female pairings were rare because
they're physically incompatible.

Generally, we are neither wide nor heavy. Our skeletal structure is lighter and we generally have what is known as an ectomorph
frame. Don't be fooled. We can still get big, but unlike non-Asians, we have to work at it harder. Understand, you only need to get
big enough. No need to become a professional bodybuilder. That monster size turns women off.

Try to aim for a body mass index of around 23-26 at 10-15% body fat. BMI is calculated as your weight (kilograms) / your height

I was calculating the bmi of various countries and I realized that another reason Asian men are seen as girly is not even their fault.
North Americans are so used to seeing borderline obese people as normal that when a fit Asian guy shows up, he's perceived as

Side note: We Asians have a modern culture of non-athleticism, which is odd since our culture was filled with martial arts in the past.

See my my physical section for how Asian males can get big.

No body hair
Here's an example of how brainwashed people are. Body and facial hair is NOT sexy (half way down).

Poor dressers
Many of you look like you've been dressed by your mothers.

Asian eyes
Even in ancient Asian texts, large eyes were deemed beautiful. The good news is that the eye lid folds are due to us adjusting to the
cold environments we originated from. The extra fat around the eyes acts as insulation but also covers up more of the eye. In time, as
our eyes adapt to warmer environments, the eyelid folds will change. Note, the eye itself is not small, it's just the amount of the eye
you can see is smaller, which is determined by the fat in the eyelid.

Poor Posture
Poor posture makes you look unconfident, nerdy, weakens your voice, and creates back problems. Girls won't even give you a

Bad Breath
I haven't encountered this much so I'm not sure where this comes from. However, it's an easy fix. Watch your diet. Brush, floss, and
rinse after every meal/snack. IF you have gum disease or rotten teeth then you need to use mercury-free filings or extract them (never
do root canals). Brushing your tongue is useless.

Sellout Entertainers/Personalities
Scum like Ken Jeong, Matthew Moy on 2 broke girls, that self-hating racist comedian Esther Ku, Asian female actors that accept
sexualizing roles with only white men.

Update: I used to believe they took this roles to pay their bills but I later learned that nearly all entertainers have regular jobs that pay
the bills while trying to make it in entertainment. So, these traitors are doing demeaning roles not to pay their bills but in the hopes that
they'll get closer to a leading role. I can't write what I really think because it's vicious so I'll just sanitize my comment...Asian
entertainers need to be more responsible with their choices because the characters they play, the jokes they make, become a part of
culture and the rest of us suffer - including your future kids.

An even weirder and worse category of sellouts are places like the youtube channel, You Offend Me, You Offend My Family. It
claims to be an Asian empowerment channel yet I see this the same stereotypical stuff:

How to be More Asian (Youtube's Global Geekery). This perpetuates our stereotypes and again, the white guys are bosses.

Jon Davis Gets a Sex Robot Trailer (OFFICIAL) - An Asian girl is a sex robot for a white guy (what. the. hell. Even sex robots are
Asian females that are owned by white males?).

If you're reading this yomyomf, please stop "helping" us.

Mr. Lonely - Perpetuates the dateless Asian guy meme and his dad has the fob accent.

These guys need to learn to make comedy without using their worst ethnic stereotypes as material.

Asian Women Who Refuse to Date Asian Men and Talk Badly About Us
This is quite complicated so see this Asian Female whie male pairings fully explained

Lying Minority 'Authors'/Asian Cultural 'Authorities'
Amy Tan spread lies about Asian men in one of her earliest books, which the white racists turned into a film, The Joy Luck Club,
where the Asian women are in miserable marriages with Asian Men. All the Asian men are scum in some way. Only the white guy
can make her happy. Her lies are used in Asian studies classes at high schools and universities. Other non-Asian men start believing
that all Asian men are wife beating, sexless but also cheating (seriously, even the stereotypes contradict each other), gambling,
deadbeats and that it's their duty to "save" the Asian female from us, "evil" Asian males.

Game Developers
You ever find it strange how even in video games the Asian guy is an asexual martial Artist, Ryu From Street Fighter. Ken, the white
version, has Eliza. The chesty, Mai Shiranui, from Fatal Fury is with the white guy, Andy. Metal Gear Solid's snake is a white guy. 
Binary Domain's android Asian female, Faye, is with a white guy. These are games made by Japanese developers. Maybe they're
trying to appeal to the western demographic but this just adds to our Asian male image problems and gives white males an edge just
for being born white.

Asian Elders
I've seen old Asian aunties ask a white guy (A disgusting, disease ridden white guy who was 5"4, obese and offensive to my eyes
and nostrils) if he likes Asian girls in an encouraging way. This really supports my earlier statement that some parents and elders often
really have no clue what their history is and what the current environment is. In that specific case, I honestly can't see why she would
encourage an ogre to date Asian women. It's very twisted.

Giving Respect To White Oppressors
This is possibly one of the most sickening things about Asian culture. There seems to be a general approval/respect given blindly to
whites. I think whites brainwashed us so well that many Asians have no idea what we're "respecting". All the years of white centric
media and advertisements have made Asians adopt white ideals of everything.

We love capitalism but fail to acknowledge its atrocities/unilateral agreements that continue to cripple weaker nations

We like white appearances yet fail to account for their peach fuzz, rapid aging, animal-like hair, etc (that are conveniently
photoshop'ed away or artificially removed).

We seem to love white media without raising hell when we see racist stereotypes.

Many Asian females seem to believe all Asian males are just like the fictional characters from racist propaganda like the Joy Luck
Club when they have contradictory examples throughout their life, but they ignore them.
Even more messed up is China that treats whites better than its own citizens. This really pisses me off because many foreigners
already look down on Asians and sport screw the women. Instead of punishing them, they just treat them better than their own.
Maybe there's some strategic vision that only a foreign policy advisor can see. Perhaps the kindness China extends is to make
foreigners more likely to share knowledge and investments with us until China is well positioned to crush them. I wonder if the
Chinese government knows that their citizens are treated unfavorably in North America.

Attacking Asian Females
You want Asian females fighting beside you. The last thing you want to do is drive them further away by calling them sellouts even if
they are. They will just use this to justify dating outside. You best option is to defy the negative stereotypes and make yourself more
attractive so all women start wanting you. That's really the only way Asian females will come back and respect us.

Anti-Asian Racism is Accepted
It's wrong to be racist against all ethnicities EXCEPT Asians. If you even suggest that Jewish food is too salty then you'll have the
"anti-defamation league" (what a pompous name) on your back,. If you call a Black a ni**er then you'll have the media accusing you
of living inside a cave (while hypocritically cherry picking news to paint Blacks as degenerates). If you tell an Asian he has "a chink in
the armor" or "a lucky lady is receiving four inches of pain in bed"'ll have the nation laughing with you.

Racist nba sportscaster, Jason Whitlock

Only in America can racist articles get national publication: Asia Pacific Arts: “Gay or Asian?” Spread Causes Minority Uproar

Asiana Pilots names from KTVU News
Here's a newsreport about a horrific plane crash where people DIED....with fake Asian Names that somehow got approved.
However, that's not even the point. The point is this video has 31,329 likes and only 2,657dislikes, which means people
overwhelmingly enjoy this racist crap when people actually died. That's how blatantly Anti-Asian this country is.

Here's proof that this anti-Asian racism is not only accepted, it is fiercely PROTECTED by racist whites in some areas. Some
restaurant changed its racist name from "Chink's Steaks" to "Joe's Steaks" and he got a backlash from his long time racist customers.
I can't make this up because my mind isn't that messed up. Again, customers were angry because it wasn't racist against
Asians anymore.
note: I really hope this is some 1 in a billion event but I have a feeling it isn't.

Ignorant Society
Non-Asian girls with Asian males will have her ignorant friends and family pitying her for putting up with your "small penis" (which is a
lie) and they'll make fun of you behind your back.

In the workplace, you'll be overlooked for promotions because of stereotypes. Your jobs will be more mundane because they think
Asians are good for grunt work while giving their white colleagues the more glamorous or easier tasks. Generally, you'll be one of the
first to be laid off during a merger or recession. I'm sure that part of the glass ceiling is caused by our behavior. However, you do
have to wonder with all our education and work ethic why we don't rise the managerial ranks as quickly.

School Admissions
You'll have to get higher grades just to get admitted. To be fair, whites also were discriminated against according to this data, which
surprised me. I got the sense that Asians and whites were pushed aside to allow for more diversity.

Amy Tan, author of many Anti-Asian male books is widely read. Some of her books are used in Asian studies, which results in more
negative images of Asian men. We're depicted as woman beaters, gamblers, cheaters, lazy, and asexual.

I had a whole section about this but suffice to say, like every other human group on the planet, they have a dark past, which is often
glossed over or rendered into a footnote while they devote entire books to their achievements (of which there are many and have
been hugely important. I won't deny that.). Just a tip of the iceberg: invaded Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Philipines and Japan; Nazis;
Crusades; religion; African slavery; massacre of Native Indians (now known as usa), Opium wars, etc...

All religion are lies. Look up websites that debunk religion and you'll find that they blast holes through EVERYTHING. Realize that
their "holy books" were all written by HUMANS - greedy, easily corrupted, dumb, bigoted, and short-sighted humans - the same
ones we're stuck with today..

More relevant to this website is that western religions worship a white looking guy so minorities who believe this start attributing
various good character traits to people who look white (see the Halo effect).

Ask yourself:

● Why would an all powerful being of unlimited ability choose to send humans wandering around for centuries to write a book that
    would take many more centuries to duplicate BY HAND (they didn't have printers back then)?
Furthermore, let's assume the holy book is real (it's not). How many people will it actually reach? - a fraction of the population.
What about all the unenlightened tribes around the world who'll never see the holy book? What happens to all the people who
don't get to read it? What happens to all the people who can't read because they don't know how to read (illiteracy was the
norm) or because they're blind/deaf or mentally challenged? What happens to these people? According to some religions, all
those people are going to hell simply for being born and not accepting jesus, their "lord and savior"....LMFAO

       Why would a god do this when that god could have simply created books out of thin air or better yet, implant all that knowledge
       into every human brain from birth.

● Why is your holy book revised over and over again. I thought the first edition was the perfect word of god??

● Why wouldn't god just show up during "holy wars" (that's the ultimate oxymoron) and say "Hi my children, stop killing and raping
   each other.

● I hope you realize that based on the various impossibly strict rules of each religion, NOT ONE of you will reach "heaven". Every
   last one of you will end up in "hell" looking at each other with surprised faces.

● Why does the vast majority of the world live in abject poverty? Where's god to help them?

● Why do churches need your donation? Shouldn't they just pray to their almighty god and get instant funds? In fact, why don't they
   just pray for world peace and get that instantly too?

● Why do so many insects and animals die HORRIFICALLY every day if your god is so loving. Here's how a spider kills its prey. It
   wraps it in a web, stabs the prey's guts and pumps a fluid to dissolve its organs and then drinks it. The victim is alive the entire time.

   Example two, a pack of piranhas with its razor sharp teeth will tear all the flesh off your bones while you're alive. Have you ever
   ripped a tendon? Anecdotes suggest it's like pouring magma on yourself. If you think those examples are the work of a loving god
   then you're 4,178% insane...on your best day.

● Where was god when america destroyed Hiroshima and Nagasaki with nuclear bombs?

● Where was god when the whites nearly wiped out people that were just minding their own business like the Native Indians.

● Why won't god heal amputees. Not one "miracle" EVER.

● Where are the miracles? Show me some major miraculous feat of god that's beyond a statistical fluke. I'm sure millions of people
   prayed for their cancer to disappear. Where was god then?

● Explain why babies die all the time before they can walk or are even born. (eg hospital bombings during wars and sudden infant
   death syndrome). Where's the love in that?

● How can the phrase "God loves you" and "I'm a god-fearing man" co-exist? Do you fear someone who loves you?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!

1st and 2nd Generation Immigrants
FOBS (fresh of the boat). It's not really their fault, but man, it sucks having these guys compound our problems because many of
them are so stereotypical.

Your experience is very tough because it's the transition period. No one is there to teach you anything and mistakes will be made.

Accent and Voice
Higher pitched and softer voice. You can do voice training to lower your voice while giving it more power through projecting.
Lose your accent or at least, reduce it . I'm Asian and even I hate hearing Asian accents.

Followers. Not risk-taking leaders.
I only get Western news so I'm oblivious to Asian accomplishments. However, I noticed that big innovations and big risk taking
comes from mostly whites and blacks. When I think of innovative let's empower people and fight the oppressor type of activities, I
can only come up with non-Asian males (with the exception of the Tianamen square guy). P2p, wikipedia, google, attacking big
pharma, civil rights movement, feminists, male rights movements, black history month, documentary makers, open sourcing, other
types of activists...

Where's the Asian Martin Luther King? Malcolm X?

Instead, many Asian youtube personalities are a disgrace since they use Asian stereotypes to pander to morons and strengthen the
bad images or they'll talk with Ebonics. I think for many Asians, they have yet to develop their own personalities.

That's something to think about. When I think of Asians, I think of people just hanging out eating or working hard on something that's
already established as safe, but no real thought leaders willing to rattle the cage and destroy the status quo. This disappoints me
greatly because I think in every man is a desire to fight. I think our lack of fight is tied to our culture and upbringing. My parents
always told me not to rock the boat. I eventually responded by capsizing oil-tankers.
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