Asian Female white male Couples: Understanding
the Pairing

There are many factors that make this pairing very common.

Why are Asian women white male couples so

The most important factor in racist anglo countries is that the Asian male has a horrific image from non-stop racist media attacks. It's
so bad that the Asian female may feel embarrassed to be seen with him. She has self-hate because she's so different from white
ideals of beauty and made to feel ashamed of her culture yet she wants so badly to fit in.

I believe some Western Asian females who perceives themselves to be unattractive (compared to white women) and can't compete
for top men will see that her look is still sexualized by white media that portrays a happy life if only she has a white male who has
status in their country. There are plenty of yellow fever white guys so she thinks, certainly having a white guy with status is better than
being judged as a loser for being with an Asian male who is ridiculed everywhere by the media. So, she takes the seemingly logical
choice and ends up with a white guy. What's sickening about these women is that instead of quietly living a life, she'll have to justify
her choice by loudly attacking Asian men with lies (just like the whites) so she can protect her ego. She wants to believe that she
chose white guys because they're better than "inferior" Asian males instead of acknowledging that she's rising up in society by
marrying someone with more social status, which is fine. I get it, but don't curse out your own people..

The foreign Asian female may experience similar things with the HUGE addition of escaping poverty (comparatively speaking). The
financial/passport aspect is the key driving force for these women because for many Asians marriage out of convenience trumps
marriage for love. Of course, the best is to have both. There's no other explanation for quickly marrying a guy, who, on average, you
can't communicate with, you barely know, is twice your age, is divorced, is poor, is balding, and is ugly. No amount of white
fairytales of  "white men are superior and rugged and heroic" can explain this away.

Further proof is the fact that Western-born Asians in Asia will be swamped with attention from East Asia once they find out the guy
lives in the West. In summary, it's about Asian men being smeared as sexually disgusting and the the white male as a tool for escape
and also the yellow fever syndrome, where non-Asian males see desirable stereotypes in Asian females when they may not exist
(submissive, kinky, exotic, etc).

In foreign countries, it's about financial escape. In the west, it's about social status escape from the negative stereotypes. In both
countries, it's about rising up the socioeconomic ladder.

Here are all the factors broken down:
● They fell in love and the guy happened to be white. That's fair and it happens.
● White guys tend to be more bold and risk rejection and ask women out.
Overwhelmingly negative stereotypes and lies about Asian men. I think this is the biggest reason by far. It's nearly
always asexual, negative, and lies. In recent times, the representation has gotten better, but there's much room for improvement. I suspect the bashing
has been so bad and effective that Asian females feel embarrassed to be with Asian men for this reason alone. Blacks, Hispanics and
others have positive images and neither of them gets bashed by the media to such a savage extent.
● Asian men getting their confidence destroyed by a lifetime of racist media and lies so they're less likely to approach females
● Society at large supporting all the negative Asian male stereotypes
● Many Asian men failing to step up and improve their appearance and social skills
Internalized racism/self hate in both Asian men and Asian women
Sexualization of Asian females. Ask some white males what he thinks about Asian women and all you'll hear are stereotypes like
submissive, exotic, and kinky. Some white males don't see Asian females as human - just some cartoon.
● Sexualization of Asian Females WITH white males only encourages this pairing by "normalizing" it.
● Asian men in general are smaller and shorter than white males (this is largely due to diet and nutrition). However, this doesn't
explain the pairings because not all Asian women end up with 6 foot tall white males. Many of the males are ugly or very old or
divorced. Also, Black men are the tallest.
Intense desire to belong to the mainstream - they've been seen as different their entire life and felt like the perpetual foreigner.
● Asian cultures typically like pale skin for historical reasons (nobility were pale because they didn't work the fields) - not trying to
emulate whites.
● Whites generally have high socioeconomic status. They have been here for multiple generations and have inherited wealth and
social standing from their ancestors, whereas many Asians are first and second generation, who have yet to be established. This
is especially the case in foreign countries. In fact, I would say its one of the main reasons along with the passport and citizenship.
● Worshiping white males in media. The illusion of a rich successful white male is a key reason for interest from foreign Asian
females. However, even without this illusion, their wealth is still comparatively higher and the buying power of a british pound or usd
is quite high in 2nd and 3rd world countries.
● Some Asian females assumes the Asian male will be too traditional. Yet, they'll have no problems fulfilling that role for the
white male. If they don't do the role, then they'll praise the white guy for being liberal, but who says the Asian male wouldn't have
allowed her the same? The theme is assumptions. Some choices are based on assumptions that are in turn built on negative
stereotypes from the media and lies spread by whites. As I read more into this, I think this is a big reason. In East Asia,
patriarchy is still the norm and sometimes it is extreme in ways that are unfathomable.
● White males look exotic to foreigners Asian females
● Worshiping white ideals of beauty in society
● Asian female had an awful father who conformed to all the negative stereotypes
● Other self hating Asian female friends "support" her desire to abandon her Asianess
● There is very little cultural shock for an Asian woman to marry a white male (unless she's foreign). However, there can be a big
cultural shock for a white woman to marry an Asian man especially for the following point.
● Some hate the idea of taking care of a mother-in-law.
● Yellow fever stricken white guys. Many such males are infatuated with a sexual stereotype - not necessarily with the women in
● All the factors can create what is vaguely called white fever in the Asian female.
● Asians are at fault too, especially the Chinese. In China, there is the one child policy and families favoring sons over daughters to
the point of giving up their baby daughters.That's so disgusting it defies logic. How are such females supposed to feel when seeing
their own people murder babies of their gender. It's understandable that such females feel abandoned by her own kind, generalize
this hate towards all Chinese males, and want revenge for being seen as being less important than a Chinese male.
● Most american and (other extreme-feminized countries) white and black women are non-traditional and often corrupted by
extreme feminism. They're also getting obese, have massive egos, carry unrealistic expectations shaped by media, are likely to
divorce, etc. Asian women are still somewhat traditional and naturally thin, which makes them good marriage material, relatively
● Asian female may be unattractive to Asian male and thus lack attention.
● Some white men go their lives without attention from white women. Consequently, white men have looked for alternatives. They
are shocked to get attention from self-hating Asian women and develop a preference towards Asian females. Best of all, even
average Asian girls appear feminine simply because they're not fat. In turn, these average Asian girls who felt neglected because
they can't compete in the dating market finally feel wanted and thus start preferring white men and to rationalize their choice, they
attack Asian males as inferior by using the false negative stereotypes fed by the media. Remember, "hell hath no fury like a woman
● In anglo countries, the white guy is a tool of escape from negative stereotypes affecting her Asian brothers. For foreigners,
white guys are a tool of escape from poverty.
● Encouragement and support from parents from poor backgrounds.

Are you jealous of white men "taking" Asian
If they're genuinely happy together and found each other out of love then I wish them well.

I'm against the subset of the population filled with certain racist self-hating Asian females and certain closet racists white males with
giant age, language, income, and cultural gaps pairing up because they're mentally wrecked. I hate seeing creepy men sport screw
minority females and discard them after pretending to be their "honorable savior" and hurting their reputations by bragging about how
easy they were. I'm sick of these racists spreading lies about Asian men non-stop. It wouldn't be such a big deal if this pairing weren't
so common, but it appears to be the norm, not the exception.

Here's some proof of what I mean.
Notice how these guy start off politely? When rejected, their real anti-Asian racist reveals itself. They'll call her a chink whore and tell
her to get raped. Other creepy non-Asian men operate in the same way. Absolutely disgusting
Read more here
Asian women often get approached with lines like..
"I heard Asian women have slanted vaginas. I want to find out for myself."
"Me love you long time. Let me show you."

These lines are sexist, racist, misogynistic, and degrading. The line me love you long time comes from war torn Vietnam when
females had to resort to prostitution. That was an awful time, and to use that line to approach an Asian female is like a white guy
approaching a Black female with "Nice toned legs. Why don't you work at my plantation?"

So many Asian males and I can't help but dread knowing that she's one of those irreparably damaged and brainwashed women who
has a white racist for a partner.

At this point I have to address the inevitable questions and criticism that will come from defenders of these relationships.

Here Are the Common Defenses and Objections:

Don't They Just Happen to Like Each Other?
That sounds good in theory, but studies have shown Asian females describing Asian males with the same negative stereotypes that
they've been fed by the media and other racists - regardless of the Asian male they're looking at. They use these same negative
stereotypes to describe a handsome Asian male because their minds have been so infected.

Some Asian women will flat out say I only date white men or I refuse to date Asian men. That is not even rational. That is actually

Here's an excellent analysis of the typical relationship dynamic between a closet racist and a self hating Asian female. This doesn't
apply to most relationships (I hope), but enough to be alarmed.

Here are the main points:

White guy's side
● Embittered by being ignored by the most attractive white women their whole life. Some may bitterly hate all white women.
● Believe that Asian women 'belong to them' because of racist media portraying themselves as heroes and colored men as evil.
● To them an Asian women is an 'easy catch', plus they can use their relationships with Asian women to 'get back' at all the white 
● They hate Asian men. In one breath they claim to prefer and respect Asian women and in the next breath claim all Asian men are
all the negative stereotypes (that other white racists made) and that they're totally inferior to white men. A big part of the reason is
that they felt picked on their whole life so they want to feel superior to at least someone/something. The ridiculed Asian man presents
an easy target to inflate his self worth. Their hate of Asian men may be more of an ego defense than outright racism. They feel
empowered    by taking Asian women away and "conquering" their imaginary foe and projecting all their psychological baggage onto
Asian men.

Asian female's side
● They have an intense need to feel like they belong. They felt excluded from the 'mainstream' their whole life. Dating a white guy is
the fastest way to fit in and gain social privileges.
● They want to be as different from Asians as possible to avoid the negative stereotypes.
● They fail to see past the negative stereotypes to see the good in Asian men. Their mind is infected with only bad stereotypes.
● Conversely, she only sees the make believe good stereotypes of white men and they fail to acknowledge the bad parts.
● Suffer from an inferiority complex versus white women. They believe "guys only like blondes. I'll never be able to compete with

Here are more reasons why Asian men in general have a strong distrust of Asian female white male pairings especially for foreign
Asian females.

● Neither one of them can communicate properly with the other.
● Big age gaps of between one to three decades.
● Big Education gaps. The female often has no higher education so the probably have very little in common.
● Big Cultural barriers that neither of them understand fully (or at all), which means they're basically still strangers.
● Big Attractiveness gaps. The guy is bald, ugly, obese or scrawny, etc
● They slept together surprisingly fast, which is counter to Asian upbringing.
● The Asian female describes Asian men with the same nonsense negative stereotypes that she gets from the racist media
● Sometimes the the white guy is racist or has racist friends. That's very very odd that an Asian female would accept this. I am
against the fur trade and I would NEVER date someone who approved of it or had lots of friends collecting fur-based fashion.
Why are these specific Asian females so lenient? They're willing to accept behavior/beliefs in their white partners or their white 
partner's friends that I doubt they will accept from an Asian male.

In every other ethnicity, the female prefers their own kind. The Asian female is the ONLY one that doesn't. Unsurprisingly, the Asian
male is the ONLY one that gets sexually negatively stereotyped in media non-stop.

Who cares if they date each other?
First, I care about the well being of Asian women (all women, but this site is specific to this Asian women). I hate seeing some of
them end up in silently racist/self-hating relationships.

These are toxic relationships. The women get hurt. The creepy white guy feels empowered and then spreads more racist hateful
messages about how easy Asian females are and how all the Asian men he's never met or seen nude have small penis sizes.

Second, it's already hard for Asian men in racist anglo countries to meet women because of the negative stereotypes/lies out there,
but when our own sisters reject us, it's ridiculous. If non-Asian women rank us at the bottom of their dating preferences and Asian
females prefer white males more then what happens to the Asian male?

What will surprise you is that Asian males don't have as much of a problem dating in non-racist non-Anglo countries that don't get
western media that negatively stereotypes Asian men. The media plays a huge role in this dating disparity. See the racism is learned
section of this page that explains the anti-Asian male racism.

Furthermore, the biracial children of these marriages often identify with their white side, which means the Asian cultural capital
decreases over time and our political, social and economic clout also falls.

You are racist

● Your media is racist
● The subset of white men who spread lies about Asian men (misogynistic, small penis, bad lovers, unromantic,etc...) and sport
screwing Asian women are racist.
● The Asian females who insult all Asian men with the same untrue media-fed negative stereotypes are racist.
● The Asian females who praise all white males with the same untrue media-fed positive stereotypes are racist.
● The white people defending a racist restaurant name,, is racist
● If you want to understand just how racist your society is head over here

Why can't you be like white males and embrace other races?

First, of all, a large chunk of white males don't embrace other ethnicities. It's just the popular thing to say. They may embrace ethnic
females and employ, but widespread acceptance is far away.

Second, it's a little harder for minorities to embrace other ethnicities when they weaponize the media with negative stereotypes.

Just recently, a Cheerio's commercial from 2013 featuring a Black man and white woman with a biracial child sparked a wave of
racist comments from whites. If you think whites embrace racial tolerance, you're crazy.

So, here's a comparatively rare blog post with a white woman dating an Asian man. A racist white male starts bashing us and starts
spreading lies again about our supposedly small penis size. So-called secure white men are so insecure it's ridiculous. What other
ethnicity has weaponized their media machine to attack males from another ethnicity? I see blog posts showing Asian female with
white males all the time yet I don't see Asian males resorting to lies to feel secure. Go google anything involving Asian males and it
won't be half way down the page before you see small penis, girly, nerdy, and other descriptions pop up.

You're just a loser. Get over it.
I see you have run out of empty points so you're resorting to ad hominem attacks. Try reading the legitimate points I just raised.
There are dozens more all over this site. It's close-minded people like you who refuse to engage in discussion that makes this
problem stay.
Miscellaneous Points
You've probably read all the "benevolent" white men bragging about getting easy sex in Asian countries, but what they never tell you
is that the women are generally poor, they believe the lies in Western media and think you have a mansion and a pool, unattractive to
average looking to Asian men, uneducated, and possibly sex workers.

You honestly think young hot Asian females with options are lining up to serve a 53 year old white guy because he's so "sexy"?
Everything a white man does is often rationalized.
Here's a chart of such Asian female responses.
The Crime
Interpretation for White man
Interpretation for Asian Man
Makes a racist remark
You're over-reacting. He's just joking.
Bitter racist Asian man
Sexually pushy/aggressive
Desperate rapist
Criticizes af/wm pairings as unhealthy
with valid reasons.
Bitter Asian man
Criticizes her white partner is 30 years older
Bitter Asian man
Wants you to do traditional female role
Manly leader
Chauvinistic pig
Wants you to work
Believes in female equality
Lazy bastard
He has nothing
...but he loves me
Lazy bastard
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