The Biggest Mistakes That Asian Men Make with
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What women really want
The correct mindset for Asian men
Frames are Asian men really important
How to fix yourself
How to get a girl

NOT being masculine. This bleeds into lots of things.
● Unfortunately, Asian culture/upbringing makes us more tolerant/passive/submissive than men should be and women hate that.
● Not leading the interaction. Expecting her to lead.
● Bad states. Bad mindset - especially a mindset that is screwed by the Asian male negative stereotypes
● Trying too hard. The act of trying to impress subcommunicates I want your approval so "Please like me".
● Taking rejection personally.
● Being a spineless bitch, being too needy, and being creepy - all of which come from a weak frame of mind.
● Thinking she's the one and that having her will fix all your problems and make you happy.
● Too easy for her to catch. Has been trapped and tamed. Abandoning your life for a girl. She'll hate you for this because she'll see
you as weak.
● Throwing yourself at the first girl who shows interest in you. This wreaks of desperation. Pursue her if she's who you want - not
   because she's available.

Matching any negative stereotype in any way
You look inexperienced with women like a nerd or geek.
Dress poorly
Awkward body language like nervousness or muttering things to yourself or poor posture.
● Scrawny or fat
● Bad skin
● Poor grooming
● Smell bad

During Approach
● Failing to recognize her interests/signals.
● Approaching randomly instead of approaching females that show him interest. This is okay once you get more skilled since many
women don't show interest.
Not approaching or approaching while pretending to be a friend (hiding your intentions like a creep)
● Using complex openers instead of something simple or observational.
● Staring at her breasts/butt/lips/your shoes

During Conversation
Being boring
Poor conversation skills
Too logical - not enough emotions.
● Problem solving instead of listening and empathizing.
Not escalating quickly enough/showing romantic interest quickly enough and the opposite..showing it too soon.
● Sexually objectifying them. Women are more than just tits and ass. It's understandable because that's all they're reduced to in
videos, films, artwork, video games, and advertisements. (Note: You can do this in the bedroom - they love this WHEN they know
you also care for them and respect them.)
● Her imagination is the most useful tool in your game. One of the biggest flaws of "nice guys" is they divulge everything about
themselves right away. It's like a mystery novel whose first paragraph tells you who the killer is. Why even bother reading? There
is zero mystery. Less is truly more with women - and many other areas of life. She wants to figure you out. That's part of her fantasy.
It's the easiest thing in the world. Just talk less about yourself. You can still share but not every single detail. (this is also repeated
under correct mindsets)

● If she see you as a friend = trust/comfort/rapport without attraction
● If she see you as a player = attraction without trust/comfort/rapport
● Flaking = doesn't know you well enough. Faling means women ignore you after a good interaction.
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