Biggest Problems for Asian Men
We have a LOT of problems. The biggest one that I can see is that WE ARE OUR OWN WORST ENEMY.

If I could use just one word to describe Asians, it's spineless. It's painful to type that out but it must be acknowledged before we
can cure the following epidemics:
We are submissive
We are infested with traitors
We don't improve ourselves
We have been mentally beaten by racism

Submissive Asian Culture Make us Easy Targets
This is by far the biggest problem. Any other race would have reacted violently by now. The reason the racist media can spread lies
and racists can roam around making fun of us and sport screwing Asian women is because Asian (men and women) are NOT
DOING ANYTHING about it. Some, are even participating in the bashing and others are filling stereotypical roles in media.

Lies are spread about us everywhere, anti-Asian racism is done openly without consequence, Asian women are buying into these lies
on a grand scale, and creepy white men have the gall to insult Asian men in front of Asian women and some completely brainwashed
self-hating racist Asian female will STILL date such white racist trash.

Here's a study that proves how shockingly meek we tend to be.

Note: The researchers state that they found no difference between the results of the American-born Asian women and the foreign-

RESULTS: The African-American participants were more likely to directly respond to their racist partners than the Asian-American
women, who preferred to retaliate in secret by not giving the good jellybeans.

Undesirable jelly beans...WHAT. THE. HELL. Is that the best we can do?

Also, we are too tolerant and too disorganized. Asians haven't organized themselves into a critical mass to speak out against the wide
spread racism against Asians. The Blacks had the Black Panthers, Martin Luther King, and Malcolm X. Jews have the anti-
defamation league.

Never laugh, brush off, or ignore racist comments. Always challenge them (unless your life is in danger). Brushing them off
only emboldens the racists.

Moreover, the term "Asians" is a vague umbrella term that can mean anything - Korean, Japanese, Filipino, Chinese, Vietnamese,
Cambodian, Thai...etc. We SHOULD be super strong given that one umbrella term covers so many ethnicities but sadly, it worked
the other way and splintered our efforts.

I know many of you have parents that taught you to tolerate/stay silent. My parents NEVER once brought up all the issues I've
researched. Our parents generally are too apolitical/ignorant/tolerant to protect their daughters from racist sexual predators or to arm
their sons with the mental strength to win this war. I lived with my head in the sand like an ostrich until I experienced the racism first
hand. You see what tolerance got us.

I must also add, do not be submissive to your parents either. Your parents will tell you that you can't date until you get a degree
or job, or whatever else. Disobey. They have good intentions but they don't know what the hell they're talking about. You must gain
experience and social skills and the best time to do it is in your youth.

Life rewards the brave. You can die on your feet or live on your knees. How to stop anti-Asian racism.

Asian Traitors
Racist shows and films are possible because of Asian actor traitors who accept degrading roles. Asian author traitors spread lies
about Asian men being misogynistic, cheating, gambling, deadbeats, etc. These authors then worship white males with more lies
about their courage, honor, romance, and integrity. Every ethnicity has good and bad males. We can't just paint them all with one
broad stroke.

You, if You Refuse to Improve
Why do you look and act like the negative stereotypes?
Why do tolerate racism?
Why don't you approach girls?
Why don't you work out?
Why do tolerate racism?
Why don't you approach girls?
Why do tolerate racism?
Why do you dress poorly?
Why don't you approach girls?
Why do tolerate racism?
Why is your hair style so gay?
Why don't you wear contact lenses?
Why do tolerate racism?
Why don't you approach girls?
Why won't you improve your communication skills?
Why don't you approach girls?
Why do tolerate racism?

This has nothing to do with racism and everything to do you. If I were a girl, I wouldn't date such guys.

Too Traditional
I thought this was nonsense as I grew up with western values, but to my disgust, East Asia seems to still be led by patriarchy. It is
understandable why Asian women would seek more equality by dating out and non-Asian women would refuse to date us for fear of
being trapped. I still think men and women have different roles, but I think mutual respect is non-negotiable.

This also seems to be a very big factor with Asian males dating non-Asian females. The Asian male's family will try to dictate who
their son can marry. My advice is to date who ever you want. The most important thing is that you find someone compatible and that
you two have what it takes to raise a healthy family.

Destroyed Confidence from a lifetime of Anti-Asian
Male Racist Media
I'll give you this one. It's super destructive to see only geeks, nerds, and small penis lies/stereotypes in the media, but you have to
fight. Many of you assume you have no chance with non-Asian girls so you stick to what you feel is safe and date Asian females -
unless she's a self hating racist who only dates white guys, then it's just another knife in your back. That sucks, but you have to grow
and fight back.

80% of our big problems listed above are done by Asians. Asians as a whole are overwhelmingly responsible for the hell that we're

Why didn't I list physicality? Simple, you're not competing with the sexiest alpha white guys for Asian females. The white guys that
generally go for Asian females are beta types who are scrawny, weird, less attractive, etc That's your current competition. What I
see is a difference in attitude. However, you must still work on your physical. It's extremely important for overcoming the negative
stereotypes. You must distance yourself from negative stereotypes as far as possible.

We need to fight back. Being tolerant doesn't work. I'm not suggesting that we go crazy but we need to send a clear message to
anyone (Asian or non-Asian) involved in Anti-Asian racism that we're not going to take it and there will be consequences.
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