Lie: Asian Men are Sexist Misogynist Cheating Pigs
Truth: When whites make up so many absurd stereotypes, one or more of them are bound to contradict. Here's one of their more
ridiculous stereotypes because we're allegedly inflicted with micropenis and are terrible lovers, but we're supposedly superstars at
cheating on our partners.

From your own usa marital statistics.
I can't find the original page that summarized the findings and this report is a pain in the ass to read. Oh good, I found this instead...

Roughly speaking,
● Asian male/Asian female had the highest marital stability of all combinations at an ultra low 8% divorce. Marital stability is
consistently high in China, Korea, Japan, Singapore, and Thailand (I have no data for the others). Also, these countries are very
atheist except South Korea, 30% of them are brainwashed with some jesus nonsense and they also have the highest divorce rates in
the countries listed.(15% higher)
● White male/white female marriages have a 27% divorce rate and white male/asian female had were 4% higher at 31% divorce
● Non-white male/white female marriages have the highest divorce rates across the board, which is surprising because one would
think if she could get past the racism, there would be a good relationship. Maybe it's the feminist brainwashing, maybe she's too hard
to please, or maybe there's an onslaught of racists giving her hell for her choice - who knows.
● More than 50% of white americans have cheated on their partner

In case you missed it, an Asian female is 387.5% more likely to suffer a divorce when she marries a white guy instead of
an Asian guy. I'm not making this up. These numbers come from the usa vital statistics. Nearly 400% percent.

Lie: Asian Men are Short Weaklings with Inferior Genetics.
Truth: There are multiple parts to this one

Debunking Weak Asian Males
Look up 2008 Olympics's big winners. Hint: China. They dominate weight-lifting, diving, and gymnastics. Gymnastics and weight-
lifting are two of the most demanding sports on the planet. Go look at a gymnast. They have a body builder's body with doing only
body weight bearing exercises. Try the cross for fun.

Look up Thailand's national sport, Muay Thai. They strike with their elbows and knees. The violence is unmatched and would be
banned from anglo televisions. Here's Thai soccer, If
that is not-athleticism, I don't know what is.

Chinese weight-lifters are the strongest in the world.

Keep in mind, all of the world's martial arts were invented in Asia. Some of the training is so hardcore, it's unreal. It's Shaolin Monks,
not german monks, not black monks, Shaolin. Unathletic, my ass.

Debunking Short Asian Men
The issue of short Asians has a lot to do with diet. High protein sources such as meat were something enjoyed only by the wealthy so
many impoverished Asians are shorter because of this deficiency. This is in addition to the fact that many of these countries are
recently recovering from famines caused by wars, many started or indirectly caused by whites. I'm not sure if it's meat or protein that
they're lacking. Jet Li, for example, became much more powerful after adding meat to his diet.

A lack of wheat was also supposedly a culprit in shorter heights. It's not genetics. There are tall northern Chinese that average 6 feet
tall. South Koreans are routinely 6 feet tall. You mean to tell me South Koreans are genetically different than North Koreans (who
are 5"4) ? The diet is much more plausible. North Koreans are famished because they live under a dictatorship.

Many many historical accounts of ancient China show that they were in fact very tall.

Even the Terracotta army statues ranged from 5"7 to 6"4 The average was 5"8

Some will rebut that of course the Terracotta army would be, they were the special forces (no) or they were just embellished statues
(no. Why would they include the shorter soldiers at 5"7?). These are based on real life. Each one was modeled after a different
soldier because the heights were all different. Their face, hair style, shoes, belts, clothes, armor, and weaponry were different. The
Qin army (1 million soldiers - the largest there has ever been in China) were equipped with large and heavy armor and weapons that
would be inappropriate for a smaller man.

The Qin people of North-Western China dieted on cattle, sheep, wheat, millets, and barley, which gave ample nutrition for growth.

Historical records show that Confucius himself was 6"6 (compare this to the average ancient Roman height of 5"2. Romans
considered 5"8 to be extremely tall). General Gyan Yu from Three Kingdoms was nearly 7 feet tall. Prince Liu Sheng was 6"4.
These heights are impossible if you believe the Asians are genetically short. Yao Ming should have disproven this nonsense but
racists love to cling onto their lies in the face of contradicting evidence.

Ancient China's center was in the North until invasions during the Jin dynasty. Southern migration occurred and with it, a change in
diet from grains to rice. You can see the diet is the key differentiator as modern heights show that north Chinese are much taller than
southern Chinese

Currently, a visit to Northern China reveals many young Chinese that are taller than the Scandinavians (known for their
height). Shandong, especially are full of tall people over 6"2.

The current East Asian diet (especially in the South) is stunting our growth. The move to rice lacked a certain something (protein
perhaps?) that's required for growth. Very few East Asians in East Asia eat wheat, barely, and meat (if they can afford it). Keep in
mind, much of East Asia is still living in poverty. Dietary differences explain much of the height differences - not simple genetics.

Here's an excellent observation that proves that nutrition is more likely the key factor.

The Dutch are the tallest now at 6"1. However, just 100 years ago, 25% of army applicants were rejected for being too short (under

Even people who have immigrated to the Netherlands from other parts of the world are taller on average than their
racial groups in their countries of origin.

This is very important because it supports the importance of nutrition. Genetics isn't ruled out, but it certainly isn't the only factor.

A combination of genetics and nutrition explain the height, researchers believe. I believe it's mostly  nutrition. You see the same thing
with North Koreans vs South Koreans and North Chinese vs South Chinese.

Nutrition is especially important during childhood. This is only my guess but I suspect the body sets your growth limits based on what
it thinks you can supply. If you are starved in childhood then the body may think "I better grow less because I won't have enough
food to sustain myself otherwise".

Debunking Asian men are scrawny
Read the debunking Asian males are short section above and you will realize there's no way in hell a million soliders could carry the
weapons and armor that they did if they were all weaklings.

A huge factor why so many foreign Asians are scrawny is because that's the "in look". It's cool to look like nobility who doesn't have
to work hard, labor, etc.

The other reason so many Asians (especially, foreign) are scrawny is due to a lack of emphasis on athletics. In Asian countries this is
extremely pronounced due to the extremely heavy school demands that take up their entire day AND evening - to the point of sleep
deprivation. The college admissions tests determine the rest of their lives. The people that do enter sports commit to it fully and in
China, at least, are sponsored by the government.

Then there's a issue of meal portions. America in particular loves over-eating and has an obesity epidemic. Compare that to Japan's
mini-sized portions and the dietary difference in clear.

So, yes, on average we are scrawny, but it's not some destiny. It's a culturally influenced choice that's combined with poverty and
education demands.

Debunking Asian girly man myth
I think this would be redundant. See the points above.

Lie: Asian Men Have Low Testosterone
Truth: Again, another lie.

I've read two investigations into these so-called studies and one concluded that there is no difference and the other concluded East
Asians have the highest total and free testosterone levels.

I realize this isn't in-depth research, but if their results are inconclusive then why should I waste my time proving them wrong, again?

Half way down the page, under the chart...

"From the above tables, it is clear that the race realist assertion is incorrect, whether one looks at the 7 so-called micro ‘races’ or the
3 so-called macro ‘races’. East Asians were found to have the highest average total plasma testosterone (5,673 ρg/mL) followed by
Africans (5,442 ρg/mL) and then Europeans (4,992 ρg/mL). Given that the sample size for Africans is smaller (N < 10,000), their
relative position may change with more data. Nonetheless, the claim that East Asians have the least testosterone is not supported by
scientific data."

Post #14
"As an (ex-)endocrinologist, I'm unaware of any ethnic or racial differences in testosterone levels. In fact, as an internist, I don't ever
recall seeing a normal range for the blood level of any substance that depends on the ethnicity of the subject (with a very few,
"partial" exceptions e.g. more people of African descent have low white blood cell counts than do people of other ancestry).

That being said, however, and with specific reference to testosterone, there are ethnic differences in tissue sensitivity to testosterone"

There are plenty of flaws with the study such as total testosterone vs free testosterone, inconsistent sampling, different measurement

The key thing I learned is that different ethnicities respond to testosterone differently. Caucasians tend to get more body and facial
hair. You see this in Italian women, they are predisposed to have harrier bodies. Does that mean they're manly? No.

Look at the Chinese olympic weight lifters. They dominate this arena yet they have next to no facial hair. Does that mean they're
girly? No.

The same idiots to make these so-called studies also furnish studies that supposedly prove that Africans have are dumb and whites
are the most intelligent. Here's a history lesson, for over 2 thousand years, China was the world's super power and cultural gem while
whites were running around being barbarians (well, they still do to an extent). Does that mean China was intellectually superior? No,
each ethnicity just developed and contributed differently at different times.

Also, why don't whites look at who buys viagra and other drugs marketed specifically to cure limp-dick, surely a sign of low
testosterone if there ever was an indicator.

Lie: Asian Males are Asexual
Truth: 1.3 billion and counting. This is after China enforced the one child policy to curb population growth.

According to racist media, Asian females are hyper sexual and kinky but their Asian male counterparts are asexual? Do you realize
how stupid that sounds? It's absolutely crazy.

Lie: Asian Men are Bad Lovers
Truth: We're not the ones buying viagra and penis enlargement products. Do you know who wrote the Karma Sutra? East Indians?
Guess who else in Asia read that? The sex handbook came from the East.

Average sex session in america lasts 5 minutes. Only 25% of women get orgasms. Only 75% of men get orgasms. I find it hard to
believe that Asian men any man can do much worse than that.

Sneaky and Underhanded
Is this why Japanese automobiles last longer, are more efficient, and more reliable than every German and american automobile?
Is this why consumers overwhelmingly choose Japanese and South Korean electronics brands for their quality?
Is this why your own american firms like apple outsource their mission-critical manufacturing jobs like dozens of other us firms, to
Foxconn in East Asia?

I often hear that these products are made in china so they're bad. How many products have broken on you? Of the ones that did
break, do you understand that maybe it's your american companies that designed them to break on purpose? It's a form of "planned
obsolescence", where your product becomes useless and you have to buy replacements...for life. Some of these companies are filling
landfills and selling you overpriced junk so that they can keep milking you for products that used to last for decades.

Here are some examples of how this works:
● Crappy solder that cracks and severs electric paths
● Moisture creep that fries electronics
● Non-replaceable batteries
● Cheap rubber that breaks

Do western companies take none of the blame? Whos to say they didn't try to cut costs by picking the 3rd tier factory known for
unreliable products? Whose fault is that?

On the education side, it's funny. You mean to tell me East Asian kids are spending 9 hour days underhandedly NOT studying at
school and at home? The reason East Asian kids are known as smart is because they work their asses off (generally speaking).

It's interesting how some racists love to slander Asia by cherry picking so let's cherry pick read history from the usa:
● War mongering rapists and thieves invading foreign countries. See wars in Vietnam, Korea, Japan, and Iraq (there's plenty more)
● Spread lies about minorities 24/7
● Rewrites history to erase memories of its innumerable atrocities against people of color (that's basically, everyone else)
● America was built on the corpses of Native Indians and backs of slaves and Chinese railroad workers who the hated.
● Writes a play, Miss Saigon, to depict racist white rapists in vietnam as heroes and the actual victims as villains
● Read "economic hit" men to learn why countries stay in poverty.
● Read about "war on drugs" nonsense to understand how innocent Blacks are imprisoned for nonsense crimes to give free labor to
private corporations while the dea grows like a weed.
● Read "The Emperor wears no clothes" to learn the history and demonization of the earth's single greatest gift to mankind.
● War criminals serve no jail time and are sometimes given medals of honor - many us and uk presidents.
● You attack most minority males with racist stereotypes while sexualizing minority females with white males.
● Bomb some innocent country every 5-10 years to maintain your oppressive grip on power.
● Criminal enterprises like rogue banking and monsanto are protected by usa government - literally, by "police" and "laws".
● Usa'a tsa wasting billions on carcinogenic scanners (that are known to be easily circumvented by terrorists) while some of their
agents grope females (children and adults)
● Made up an excuse to attack iraq - "we found weapons of mass destruction"...<later> ..."no we didn't". Now, they're doing the
same to Syria using chemical weapons as an excuse. Fortunately, that disaster was averted.
● Nsa spies on its citizens and denies it..until its own classified documents are leaked. To reclaim their honor, they hunt the

This, unfortunately is true. However, it's the pot calling the kettle black when...

90% of usa population is white...
   most crimes are committed by whites...
      90% of usa prison population is black.

Does. Not. Compute.

Unless....they are racists.

After Japan's tsunami, there was no chaos, no looting, no raping. Nothing. When you had hurricane katrina (that didn't destroy a
nuclear reactor) there were rapes and pillaging by your own people against your own people.

None of the Asian countries go bombing other nations. The only major aggressor was Japan in world war II and China inside Tibet.
For the most part, they have remained relatively peaceful towards foreign nations.

No whites to my knowledge ever gets lynched in East Asian countries despite some of them running around like they own the place..

America on the other hand.....
● Look up your stats for crimes, especially violent crimes.
● You police force and courts routinely exonerate corrupt police officers who engage in racially charged hate attacks
● Your teens idolize porn stars turned into celebrities
● Unplanned teen pregnancy epidemic - you even have a tv show about it. I was shocked by this that I'm not even sure if it's true,
but  here's the quote "Half of all pregnancies that happen in the U.S. every year are unintended".
● Your tv shows border on the pornographic. Look at Miley Cyrus at some recent mtv awards show.
● White men are the #1 customers of sex tourism where children can be purchased for sex thanks to white racist countries
annihilating their economy through wars and unfair trade "agreements". These same people talk crap about how these Asian countries
don't respect human rights like anglo countries do.
● 90%+ are religious but probably 95%+ are hypocrites - afterall, who is hating on the minorities, cheating on their partners,
divorcing, buying porn (did you know, the bible belt buys more porn than other areas?), etc
● Miscegenation was around till 1967 - nearly a century after black slavery was know..."all men are created equal".
● Cheerios' black man with white woman couple ad drew many racist comments from white males.
● All your presidents end their rah rah speeches with "god bless america". If you were spiritually evolved, wouldn't you ask your
non-existent god to bless the world instead?
● 76% of hapas that resulted from relationships during occupation wanted to meet their parents. Only 3% succeeded because 97%
of their american fathers refused to take responsibility. Http:// (boy, Miss Saigon was sure
off the mark).

Entertainment is a reflection of a country's culture and usa has:
● Desperate Housewives - A show that normalizes cheating
● Mistresses - a show that normalizes cheating
● The Real Housewives of (some city) full of lazy rich housewives with maids - a show that normalizes being useless
● The Bachelor/The Bachelorette - where people go to compete for the man/woman of their dreams while that dream gets intimate
with dozen or more other "hopefuls" LOL!!!
● The Millionaire Matchmaker - a thinly veiled whorehouse run by a 48 year old spinster.
● Miley Cyrus, a Disney graduate simulating a porn shoot on mtv
● Sex tapes jumpstart celebrity careers
● Nearly all your music is unbearable drivel.
● National geographic, a once proud institution, has been reduced to filming increasingly pointless reality tv shows.
● Donald Trump, the guy who basically represents the american dream is a liar and a thief. Recently, in Scotland, he was seen lying
through his teeth about how everyone loves him. Meanwhile there are protests for him to leave the country.
● This is not tv but I thought it was hilarious. There's an entire industry (not just a single website) of matching making websites for
cheating wives and cheating husbands.
● At one point in your history, you were civilized, but even then you still had slavery and women who dared talk back were labeled
"hysterical" by your psychiatric industry and sent to wards for "treatment".

Do the math. You're a nation filled with lots of hypocrites.
Why Asian Males can't get Girls - Lies Debunked:

Here are some of the common reasons why Asian males supposedly can't get girls. To get a much deeper understanding of the actual
reasons why read Anti-Asian male media and Asian male disadvantages.

Lie: They remind me of my brother.
Truth: No other ethnic female has that "problem".

Lie: White men treat me better, are more romantic, bigger penis, cooler, etc.
Truth: Wife beaters and cheaters are in every ethnicity. How many dead-beat Asian men have you found? I've never seen an Asian
beggar in my life. I see plenty of white deadbeats.

Sexual harassment laws were passed in North America to stop white "gentlemen" from abusing women, groping them, belittling them,

Some white men murder their Asian wives (edit: wives) for leaving them. If you're going to make comparisons, then bring all the facts
to the table.

As for romance, white men are romantic IN THE MEDIA. See to see what some of these
"romantic" guys think. Again, there are plenty of good white guys, but when Asian females give me unfounded blanket statements for
their dating choices, I'm left with no choice, but to call them out.

Black guys out alpha with their physicality, typically out-charm plenty of white guys, and according to stereotypes have the biggest
penis size (again, a lie. They're similar to everyone else). Shouldn't Black guys get the girls?

Lie: I just like non-Asian
Truth: No you don't. Why don't you date Blacks, Hispanics, and Middle Eastern? It's status. You're after status and you want to fit
into the mainstream.

Lie: Asian men have small penises.
Truth: White racist lie. See Asian small penis myth

Lie: Interracial dating is color blind.
Truth: Latin men and Black men are more known as being masculine than white men so why are white men getting more attention?
Media glorfiies the white male and pairs him up with all ethnic females. All the lead roles in Hollywood except a few are white.
Whether your believe it or not you live in a white society, where many of the social structures are built for whites and minorities like
us get screwed in school (bullied, require higher grades for college admissions), at work (less likely to get hired or promoted and
more likely to be laid off), in dating (where sadly, women buy into the media images), etc.

Hypergamy is also very important - the act of dating up. Well, in anglo countries and many parts of the world, it's the white male
who's at the top of the socioeconomic order.

Physicality does play a role but it's not that big of a role. Proof? Look at the Asian girl, white guy couples. In general, the white guy
isn't that big or that tall or even very good looking. What he has is status. If women really wanted a white guy because they're
""physically superior"" then we'd see far more Asian women paired up with really large, tall, very good looking white guys. But you
don't see that very often.

Lie: White male physical traits are just better. False.
Truth: The only things they have going for them are their eyes and their larger frames. The differences are smaller in North America
because we adopted their diet. Notice how North American born Asians are closer to the same size as the average Caucasian in
height? (the differences on average are one to two inches)

Further proof is that Asian men are welcomed by women outside of Anglo countries, where there isn't constant Asian male bashing.
In France for example, Asian males are popular.

Facial Hair
Facial hair is not sexy in my opinion. Why would they shave? Why do women complain that it scratches them? It's only good for a
few hours - that's exactly what's shown in media. In Asia, females overwhelmingly prefer no facial hair.

Body Hair
Body hair is not sexy. Why get waxes? When's the last time you saw a male model in an ad featuring body hair?

Blonde is often touted as being sexy. That's odd to me. I like blonde hair sometimes, but often there's tradeoff. Their eyebrows
disappear, which is unattractive to me. Of course, like every other disadvantage they have an easy fix to just darken them with a
eyebrow pencil.

This next note relates to white women. They need to use tools to straighten their hair unlike Asians.  Many of them have frazzled hair.

Body Odor
Very few Asian males have this yet every white guy I've known has it. Basically, Asian has less sweat glands

White people age at fast once they past their 20's. I see plenty of Asians that look 20 something in their 40's or 50's

It's not always white. A significant number of whites have thinner, courser (in later life), larger pores, scaly or reddish skin with
blemishes. In fact, if you look at East Asians, many of them are ironically more white than white people. Also, there's nothing yellow
about us. It's either tan or golden or white.

What's odd is that they go tanning every week to get Asian/South East Asian skin tones.

I like to wrap this section up with a major observation that is completely overlooked. Every advantage an Asian male (and Asian
Female) has can be cheaply duplicated artificially by white and all the advantages whites have cannot be duplicated so it creates an
EXTREMELY unfair perception that they're more attractive. You're not actually comparing apples to apples. This is especially true
on tv/film/magazines. Here's what I mean

Their body hair and facial hair (eg peach fuzz) can be trimmed, waxed, and removed by lasers. They normally look much hairier but
with technology they can look clean-cut just like Asians. Let's assume body hair and facial hair is sexy, Asians males can't get a
treatment to grow it.

Their skin is coarser but make-up on tv conceals it so they appear to have smooth skin with small pores. Asians naturally have
smooth skin and small pores.

Their body odor can be masked with colognes and aftershaves. Asians rarely have strong odors.

The obese can hide behind clothes. Asians can't look bigger without a lot of weightlifting. There is no way to get a larger frame.

All the airbrushing/photoshoping in advertisements, magazine covers favors whites far more than they favor Asians. You can hardly
tell the difference after airbrushing an Asian celebrity. When you airbrush a white celebrity, the difference is night and day when you
smooth out all the wrinkles, age spots, rough patchy skin, cellulite, and peach fuzz.

An Asian does not naturally find Caucasian features more attractive than Asian features nor vice versa. This behavior is taught. You
can visit this link to read the how we internalize racist stereotypes section. The most important factors of beauty are symmetry and
the presence of golden ratios between various features. To be fair, I'll acknowledge they generally have nicer eyes.

Studies show that baby gravitate to pictures of attractive people regardless of ethnicity. There was a minor bias towards the same
ethnicity. Studies in facial attractiveness have never discovered a correlation between ethnicity and the proportions and
measurements that we instinctively find attractive.
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