Frames are EXTREMELY Important

Frames control the way you view reality. It's extremely important to control this. I see that many Asian males have had their frames
hijacked by the racist media and other racists.

Watch Your Inner Talk
We all speak to ourselves with that voice in our heads and many of us speak negativity, especially Asian men in anti-Asian male
countries. Your mind is very powerful. It will try to bring your thoughts/beliefs into reality. IF you've succumbed to the negative
brainwashing and you find yourself telling yourself "I'm not good enough", "Asian women hate Asian men", "I have a small penis", and
other lies then you need to start telling yourself things that are true and things that you WANT to be true. Program your mind to bring
you the reality that you want. Never let the racists program your mind.

I tell my brain what I want to be true. I try to be specific. "Women find my humor charming. "Women can't stop looking at my
handsome face", "I look and act nothing like those negative stereotypes", "Women wish that an Asian man like me would approach
them", "Racists fear that I won't match their sick stereotypes and will have to actually compete legitimately", etc.

Some old proverb goes "Your thoughts become your actions. Your actions become your character. Your character becomes your
fate.". The link is clear. Your thoughts eventually become your fate. If you keep thinking you're a loser, you will fulfill the fate that
racists want for you.

NEVER let these racist dictate your life and your thoughts.

YOU define your reality. You define who you are. Own strong frame(s) to color your world.

Note: frame of mind is something you can apply to everything: yourself, the people around you, fake memories, the future, your
beliefs, successes, failures, etc.

Here are some frames that I use and I encourage you to steal them and make them your own and make new ones that benefit you.

My Standards of Validation come from Myself
This is the most powerful frame and one that requires introspection. Society wants you to believe that money = success, having lots
of random sex = manliness, buying expensive things = being cool, being Asian man = asexual loser, etc. The choice is this: you can
set your standards of validation for behavior, success, beauty, etc OR you can let a racist society program you with its beliefs, which
are against your interests.

You need to spend some time to test the validity of your beliefs. Your conclusions should be based on facts and reasoning. I've
analyzed a lot of the negative stereotypes here for you already. Hopefully, you'll realize many of these beliefs are nonsense. For
example, there are rich people who exploit buyers and sell crap. That to me is not success. There are men who use women and
break their hearts and turn them into bitter man-haters. That is not manly. People that buy expensive things that they don't need and
will throw away later. That is moronic. You already know what I think of being an Asian MAN.

By putting your beliefs under a microscope, you'll come out with much stronger and positive beliefs. The real beauty is that your
beliefs are firmer and, eventually, unshakable by intimidation and racist social pressure. That attitude is a big part of confidence -
knowing where you stand and being able to stand up for something(s). When some racist says all Asian men have small penises, the
weaker framed Asian man will think "I've heard this everywhere so it must be true. Therefore, I have a small penis.". The Asian man
who tested this belief will know that's a racist lie to negatively stereotype us and realize the racists are just insecure and pathetic. His
only weapon are lies. He may laugh but there's a good statistical chance he has a smaller penis than you. Such a powerful frame is
like a bulletproof vest for your mind.

There is a caveat, you need to be fair and realistic. Don't lie to yourself and say, I can look like crap and still get girls because I'm
just a non-conformist who is ahead of his time (no, you are in fact, a lazy delusional fool if you hold such beliefs).

I Accept That I am Not Perfect, but I am Authentic
The wording on this is weak, but hear me out. Interacting with women with self-acceptance instead of pretending to be something
you're not allows her to feel comfortable around you because she senses that you're real and honest and she can respect that - even
if it's not super alpha, because very very few men are actually legitimately alpha. She's probably met lots of fake alpha guys, who are
certified pansies.

Embrace your personality. If you and your friends laugh at immature jokes then don't pretend that's beneath you when you're a
around a girl. That's being fake. If you like pizza and fries then don't order veal to impress a girl. If you like rock music then don't
pretend to like top 40 to fit in. If you hate mindless consumption then don't learn about the latest iphones to impress her. This applies
everywhere. However, keep improving wherever you feel there are flaws or places you're unhappy with, but try to be real.

This frame shows confidence and a spine because it says "I don't care too much about what others think. I don't act to please others
or get a certain reaction or to get people to like me. I like myself just fine."

For example, if there's a joke that you hate but you know will go well with others, you won't say it because it doesn't amuse YOU. If
there's a joke that amuses you but may offend others, you may do it because it amuses YOU. This is what girls mean when telling
guys to be themselves or to keep it real. Act the way YOU want to act. You should already be likable so that when you act
YOURSELF, you're automatically liked without trying to be liked.

We all have flaws. Anyone who appears perfect is probably hiding something(s). Accept the flaws that you cannot change and strive
to improve everything else that can be changed..

I Have Other Options
I have too many options to need any one thing. I am mostly unattached to outcomes. If something works out, great. If it doesn't,
great. There are very few things in that are life and death. Whether you get the girl, the job, the car, the house, etc - it's not a big
deal. I always have other options. This is what some people call the abundance mindset. It's also known as being non-needy or
non-desperate. If a girl doesn't want to talk to me then I move on. I don't waste my time trying to convince her as that's
counterproductive. Just trying to do that is needy and pushes her away. Women respond very strongly to this because you are
outside of her control. Nothing she does can affect you in a big way. It's especially mind-blowing to hot women who are used to men
reacting to her every move.

Do you think an all-star athlete cares that a fortune 500 company picked someone else to stat in their commercial? No. He has too
many options to even remember you. I realize you're not a pro athlelete, but this is a powerful frame of mind that colors your world in
a positive way.

I am Responsible for Everything in My Life
I am responsible for my success, happiness, health, and everything else. You will hate this but the sooner you accept this then the
sooner you will succeed. No one owes me anything.

Note: Obviously, you're not responsible for natural disasters, and some family member's terminal illness unless you fed them
radioactive soup.

I Take Care of Myself First
Put your own needs first - within reason. These things have priority: your schedule, time, interests, needs, etc. Take care of these
things and THEN you may consider the needs of others. Obviously, you will need to compromise from time to time to meet a friend
or partner half way, but in general, you should learn to say no when people's needs are over powering your life. If your life is spent
doing things for others then you're silently building resentment inside UNLESS that's the life you want. If you want to be a
philanthropist for example then there's probably no issue. However, if you're failing to meet your own goals because of external
demands from others, then that's bad.

This advice applies triple for strangers like a hot girl you just met who wants you to give free business advice.

My Time is Valuable and I Don't Hand out Favors Easily
I used this on a 9.5/10 co-worker who asked me to translate something. I replied "What's in it for me?". Here's a chick who has men
offering to slit their own wrists just to hear her fart through a phone, and so when she hears this, it's refreshing - finally, a guy who
isn't so easy.

I am the sun. She is the Earth that Orbits Around me.
Excuse the corniness. This is a frame/analogy that I use to frame my mind philosophically. Pictures help me see the big picture
without the confusing detail.

I am the center that women revolve around (I lead. She follows. I built a life that she can be a part of.). I sustain her with the warmth
of my light (attention, validation, affection, protection, loyalty). I am unwavering and calm (she can't shake my beliefs, intimidate me,
or manipulate me. Also, I expect nothing from her. She is free to leave as she pleases but I am unaffected. This goes double for

The part about being unaffected is sort of true. You will be affected, but you should not expect women to be loyal forever. People
can make mistakes. The key is that you understand other people's actions do not define who you or your value as a man.

People Want me Sexually (men and women)
That sounds cocky but here's why I use it.
When a guy tries to stare me down I accuse him of giving me creepy bedroom eyes or that I'm flattered but I'm not homosexual.
When I see an attractive girl I approach because I assume she will find me attractive.
When a girl hits my arm, I tell her to stop groping me.
When a girl prolonges eye contact, I kiss her because my frame tells me she wants me. If my frame were weak I may have
wondered if I had a booger hanging out of my right nostril.

My "alpha" behavior are possible because of my strong frame. Let's take a look at a time when I had no alpha mindset...

When your mind is poisoned by racist media and social brainwashing, you'll sabotage yourself. For example, some hot girl talks to
you and appears to like you and you ASSUME that she wants you to do her homework or she's toying with you instead of wanting a
relationship with you..Here are some examples from my own life in just highschool alone:
● I had a pretty Chinese girl with a rare 36 c or d cup showing interest in me.
● A bunch of East Indian girls (one who was the hottest in the school with a 34c chest) smile and giggle when I'm around.
● A 5"6 white girl with the whole blonde hair blue eyes. I asked her to come out to check out some new mall because I was bored
and she showed up in cartoonishly high heels and a midrift and red lipstick. She NEVER wears this anywhere. She's always in jeans
when I see her around with her friends.
● Some Japanese girl, a year older, called me adorable and gave me her number and told me she was annoyed we only talk on the
phone and did nothing together. She was a dancer for a national football team.
● Similar nonsense happened in university.

I'm not bragging. I'm just sharing this stuff to explain that my mindset was so screwed that I didn't see these as indicators of interest. I
just saw them as wanting to be friends. IF my mindset were in the right place, it would be obvious these girls wanted me.

I'm not particularly good looking either. My appearance has been desribed as an Asian skeletor or relapsing drug addict, and I wore
glasses at the time and had mildly bad skin too.

I'm Not Easily Impressed.
People are Just People Unless They Prove Otherwise.

When a hot girl shows up, I treat her like a regular girl. No special treatment. I'm just civil. I don't assign unwarranted traits to
her also known as the halo effect (assuming beautiful people are smarter, more honest, etc).  I'm not impressed by her breathing
skills. She has to reveal or do something that impresses me before I'm impressed.

"I dated lots of hot chicks and they're usually not worth the trouble...
...because of all the drama, high maintenance, and their insecurities because they're constantly comparing themselves to
other women"

One of my craziest yet most effective frames is this one. It's crazy because I haven't dated super hot girls. Very attractive but not
lingerie models.

This frame is super powerful because by programming your mind to believe this, your attitude of "I don't know if you're worth the
trouble" will trigger her attraction - she needs to qualify herself to you as different - no drama, loyal, low maintenance, etc. Your
frame tells her that unlike every other guy she's ever met, you actually have experience and standards.

I understand if you think this is sad, but you could always use the frame "I can't believe a hot chick is talking to me. I must kiss her
ass vigorously before she leaves." and see how that works. Your choice.
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