Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Do Asian men have small penises?
This page disproves the racist small Asian male penis myth.

Don't all females hate Asian men?
No, plenty of white females, black females, latinas, and basically most non-English speaking non-Anglo racist countries that don't
continuously attack Asian males with lies and negatives stereotypes can do fine assuming they're objectively attractive and social.

I want to add a word regarding the surveys asking women to ranking men of various ethnicities. Understand that many minorities are
immigrants. They and their children are just getting used to the new surroundings. Many of them still look fresh off the boat. If you're
a woman and you mostly see fob-looking minorities, then that's what you're ranking when taking these surveys. Very few of these
women realize that there are alpha versions of each minority that would blow their minds. See alpha Asian males

See plenty of examples were Asian males are treated like humans when not stereotyped all day under racism is learned.

Surely, the media can't brainwash people that much?
Justin Bieber is the scrawniest "sex symbol" to teen girls thanks to endless media promotion. An Asian guy of a similar build is
considered girly because of non-stop media attacks. Case closed.

You can also read more about Anti-Asian male racism is learned under the section racism

What makes the Asian male white female pairing so special?
It represents two people who overcame a lot of obstacles to be together. Generally, their pairing is out of love rather than fetishism.

The Asian male overcame all the negative stereotypes working against him, gathered the balls to approach a white girl who society
brainwashes him into thinking is a galaxy outside of his league, overlooked that white women are perceived as being more sexually
open, and overturned cultural demands to date an Asian girl.

The white female overcame all the Asian male negative stereotypes/lies to see a man, acted against the disapproval of her
family/friends/co-workers/society, tarnished her social value for dating "beneath" her, embraced the idea that her potential mother-in-
law will play a big role in her life, and turned down lots of jealous non-Asian males (who spread lies about the Asian male) trying to
steal the girl from the Asian male

Why do some women only date jerks?
They tend to be alpha but without good beta qualities. Women prefer an alpha over a beta, but if she could find one, she'd prefer an
a 80% alpha with 20% beta. Some women have gotten into a pattern where she believes a scumbag is all that she deserves. It's sad
but there's very little you can do to help. Neglect, abuse, a lousy father, and more can cause this.

Why do women cheat?
Depends on who you ask. Some will say it's hypergamy - phenomenon where a woman who wants a man that's superior to her and
with high socialeconomic value (also known as "dating up", but that would imply the one she is with is inferior, then how did they get
together in the first place? I believe, it has much more to do with boredom and/or neglect caused by complacency by both men and
women. Women cheat for emotional reasons so it's often because she feels undesired, unappreciated, lonely, etc. When you spend
all the time with the same girl/guy, things can get stale, which is why you MUST always engage her emotions, keep romancing her,
keep teasing her, keep sharing new experiences, and keep showing your desire. I wrote an entire page about what women want that
explains this (near the bottom).

But the extreme-feminists told me....<I have to interrupt your question> STFU now
Ignore the extreme-feminists (normal feminists are fine - but hard to tell who is who these days). Those are largely unattractive
women who are unhappy that they can't find a man so they redefine what women want to suit their own agendas. They have the
nerve to say you shouldn't judge a women for being overweight. Yes, you should. It means she's not taking care of herself. By their
moronic logic, women shouldn't judge a 400 lb man. When I see these extreme-feminists throwing themselves at such a guy, I'll
reconsider my thoughts.

Where are all the hot Asian men?
You won't find them in racist white media. Here is just a small sample of hot Asian men

I don't have time to get to know women, but I like sex. How do I have sex fast?
No problem. Shove a banana up your ass.

Why do women say they want a nice guy but actually want an alpha (with beta
It's the politically correct thing to say and it's also true but it's a lie by omission. They want a nice ALPHA guy. It's the same reason
guys don't tell girls they want 36c cups with a great ass and savory thighs with legs that go for days. It just comes across as slimy.
Many guys want those measurements on a girl who is ALSO feminine, caring, loyal, and intelligent, but sometimes we men get
carried away and forget to mention that.

Why won't girls show me interest?
If you're already made yourself attractive (see above) then maybe you're aiming too high. Either way, it doesn't matter. You should
just approach. Women fall in love with their ears and men with their eyes to an extent. Most of us won't get lingerie models no matter
how well we talk or dress. I'd be happy with a trenchcoat model.

Why are some hot women with ugly guys?
Those ugly guys may be very alpha. Very attractive women are intimidating to men so many will say "hey baby" and other dumb
things. When an alpha/beta combo approaches she'll love it because it rarely happens. Some women do seek ugly guys, but this is
rare, so don't depend on it.

Why do so many Asian women do things to copy white features?
The surgeries are done to copy other Asians who have the features that they want. Whites are not the only ones with double
eyelids. Most South East Asians, 50% of Chinese, 30% of Koreans, etc have double eyelids. That's who they're copying.

● If they're trying to copy you, don't you think they would also change their eye colors to blue or green?
● They whiten their skin to copy, again, the leisure class, who never had to work the fields and thus had lighter skin tones.
● Asians don't value round eyes. They like the eyes slanted as a sign of beauty. They like big eyes though. Round eyes (eg caucasian
eyes) are given derogatory terms like droopy eyes or dog eyes.
● Nasal bridge surgery is done to get smaller noses and taller nasal bridges so you sort of have done one.
● Facial hair is overwhelmingly disliked.
● They dye their hair blonde for fun. Are you going to tell me that a blonde dying her hair black hates herself and wants to copy
● Anime/cartoons don't look Japanese is another common complaint. Well, they don't look like ANYTHING. Their eyes are
impossibly large, their hair color and eye color can be purple, blue, green, and they can weld swords twice their body weight. What's
your point?

Why do some Asian women insult Asian men?
It's a combination of self-hate caused by years of Anti-Asian male media where she believes all Asian men are the negatives
stereotypes that she's been fed, white worshiping, and a host of other reasons. But the underlying cause is that they wish to deflect
criticism of her betraying/self-hate her own race by making up imagined reasons to justify her decision to date out. Therefore, she'll
say something like "All Asian men suck and whites are great and that's why I choose white guys". The statement is nonsensical, but
that's the crux of their logic- sweeping generalizations supported by negative media images and negative stereotypes. You can learn a
LOT more here understanding structural racism (there's a self hate section about half way down)
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