How to Fight Back Against Racism

One word: consequences. There must always be consequences for their racist actions or they'll never learn to fear us.
Fear is the only thing that will educate them.

Bullies are cowards. They only bully when they feel it's safe to do so.

Before I go any further, you're asking me: "Why do you have this page at all? I thought this was about helping Asian men date and
gain confidence?". One of the roots for the dating disparity is western hegemony. It's an imbalance of power in the world with whites
hoarding a lot of the world's resources at the expense of non-whites.

As long as this imbalance exists they can indoctrinate people with their squeaky clean versions of history, impose unfair trade
agreements against weaker nations, bully others around with their military strength, spread propaganda in the media such as the
asexual Asian male and Middle Eastern people = terrorists and white people are benevolent, spread white ideals of beauty, etc.

Meanwhile, nations with women (especially poor foreign women) will gravitate towards white males to gain access to their
citizenship, wealth, and social status. So, you see it's all tied together.

All Social Progress has Been Fought For
The oppressors never changed because of morality. They changed out of fear or strategic convenience. They will hold onto their
power until we make it too costly for them to do so.
People who have power over other groups of people will always use it to further their own self interest. As such they will never give
their power up willingly; it must be taken away from them.
They have no desire to level play fair. Your logical arguments will just be countered with ever more absurd "justifications" to oppress

The first Asians in america were labeled weak and frail. Yet Asians  disproved this by working on the toughest and most dangerous
jobs during the railway construction and excelling. These are the jobs that non-Asians were too scared to even touch. Read racism
shifting goal posts (1-2 pages down) to understand this better.

The racist enjoys their unearned privileges. They like dehumanizing minorities because they've been conditioned by media and family
since birth.

What we face is institutional/structural racism. America is one of the most racist countries on the planet. Never forget that. We are
NOT post-racial. Just because Obama is president means nothing.

Simply ask someone who claims we're post-racial if they'd like to be born Black. Their response will say it all.

You may have heard of the "model minority" that says Asians have nothing to complain about because they're doing well. That's a lie,
a subset of Asians do well, but many other subsets still suffer and live in poverty. This "model minority" myth was used to derail the
momentum of the Black's civil rights movement by saying "America is a land of equal opportunity. Just look at these cherry-picked
Asians that are succeeding."

Study history and you will reach the cold truth. Life is war. Blacks had to fight just to be not-slaves. Ridiculous as it is, white racism
is not the exception. White racism is the rule and the standard that is imposed on all non-whites. Reasoning with them does not work.
Spirituality does not work (just look at the world's religious hypocrites). We must fight.

We've tried protests/boycotts, educational seminars, advocacy groups [MANAA, JACL, NAACP], sociological peer-reviewed
articles, media outreach, but they don't work, because these methods are nothing more than "We are unhappy. Could you change
your ways?" and they reply with "No. We like exploiting you just fine.". There are no consequences. What we need is "We are
unhappy and you WILL change or [threat of consequences]"

The only real exception is non-violence/disobedience movement which only works in very rare and specific cases. Our struggle is not
such a case. Furthermore, I suspect non-violence advocates are just an astroturf (read: fake grassroots) movement to turn people
into harmless pacifists while the bullies continue exploiting "lesser people". Having said that, I see great value in the disobedience side.

The Fighting Mindset:
There are four parts
1. Confront racism unless it's extremely dangerous (dark alley surrounded by neo-Nazis)
1. Never strengthen white power
2. Destroy white racist power structures/propaganda
3. Build up your homelands

Basically, the goal is to to have a spine, take everything, give nothing back, destroy their power structure, and build up
your homelands. I will never support a country that treats us like crap.

The usa lures and poaches talent from all over the world. Do the opposite. If you have talent, skill, resources then give them back to
your motherlands so that WE prosper instead of them. Give the west nothing, if you can.

I hate how extreme I feel about this, but the sooner we aggressively fight back the better. I hope that eventually the world's people
can live as equals.

Here's How We Fight Back (from most to least effective):

Destroy their power structure:
Confront all racism regardless of your ethnicity and regardless of the victim's ethnicity. Once we all (whites too) start demonizing
racism, it will go away. When I say confront, not just behind a keyboard, but in person.
● Set a good example and ESPECIALLY protect your kids!
● Do not attack/discriminate against innocent people. It creates animosity. However I do have an exception about introducing white
males to Asian females and vice versa. I'm not that understanding.
Break the stereotypes with your actions and appearance. Be a good representative of your ethnicity. This will confuse the
racist because they have no boxes to put you in. This also serves to uplift our group's image as a whole. We are partly responsible
for stereotypes because they're often somewhat true.
Threaten racists espcially those with influence. See the last part of this section for examples. Don't be their bitch. Support all
minorities and hopefully all the minorities will have each other's backs.
● Legal threats should work since that's what the Jews and Europeans use. Here's a great link with some potentially powerful ideas.
Support minority pioneers that DO NOT BETRAY US like Elliot Chang, John Cho, etc
● Spread sites like this. If you are going to make a site please fully tackle one topic. I see too many portals that try to cover all issues
and fail to give actionable advice.
● Post negative reviews/comments on all racist propaganda - books, tv shows, films, songs, ads, etc. Do this on big websites like
imdb, amazon, youtube, etc. Destroy their businesses. Use these reviews as a platform to raise awareness to would-be buyers that
they're being lied to.
● If you have hacker support/knowledge then cripple racist websites with ddos attacks, script injections, turn them into botnets, etc
● Confront self-hating Asian females (and males too). Educate, and if that doesn't work, use logic to prove how they're true self-
haters so that at least other people (visitors to a website) or people around you gain awareness.Note: When you try to discuss these
things you'll get dismissive remarks about how you're just an angry Asian man from white males or brainwashed Asian females. Just
ignore them.
● Buy from minorities as much as possible.
● Boycott as much white products/services as you can especially media.
● NEVER waste your money on luxury things. Invest that in your communities. I hate seeing Asians wasting their money on nonsense
when that same would could help poor Asians, poor Native Indians, poor Blacks, poor Hispanics, etc.
● Find and voice your concerns to Asians with clout - social, cultural, political, and legal clout - hell, even religious clout.
● Unless you're guaranteed a promotion or some direct benefit, NEVER give your white employers more than they paid for -
preferably a lot less. If you have any talents then keep them to yourself and steal all their ideas and start your own business.
● I know there are lots of Asian (and other minority) gangsters. Stop fighting among yourselves and fight your real enemies. Why do
you think people become prostitutes, drug dealers, gangsters in the first place? Their lives were miserable because they're broke,
oppressed, denied opportunity, etc. It's the age old battle between the haves and the have-nots.
● Completely cut off Asian females that date only white males
● Completely cut off White males that date only Asian females.
● Never introduce white males to Asian females and vice versa. Extreme, but seriously, we have enough traitors doing this for us and
insulting Asian men already. I think they have people working overtime for the white cause.
● Never donate to charities for white people. This is quite extreme and part of me is disgusted with myself, but I'm sticking to it.
They may deserve help, but as long they're putting blacks in jail for petty crimes and smearing Asian males, objectifying Asian
women with lies then I have no sympathy for their problems.
Never join or support their military or veterans. Remember, it's the military that goes around raping and plundering on behalf
of whites and their corporate owners - you know, the people that spread racist lies about you. Also, Asian american soldiers have
the highest suicide rates in the military - 200% to 300% higher and 400% higher in war zones.
● Pay the absolute lowest amounts of taxes possible. I advise against paying nothing unless you do so completely "legally". In the us,
where you are taxed on worldwide income, you must give up your usa citizenship and move to a new tax jurisdiction.
Never support religion. There are dozens of great sites that debunk religion. Simply do a basic search. People like to say, the
crusades weren't that bad. Sure, but religion is the power structure that permeates most invasions. That means, you need to count
many such invasions to get a total. You'll find that the number is likely in the hundreds of millions, if not billions.
● Almost never support politicians regardless of ethnicity. They're almost always full of crap. There might be a good one, but they're
hard to find.

Here's How Threats/Consequences Get Results:

Asian Girlz by Day Above Ground - insanely sexist, racist, and just 100% disturbing.
A music video, "Asian Girlz", went viral for drawing immense scorn due to its racist lyrics about Asian female stereotypes and sexual
imagery. The song was called "the most racist song of all time". Levy Tran, who appears in the video, was strongly criticized for
appearing in it. Critics threatened protest outside the band's next gig. A petition to cancel the band's next performance was also
circulated. The end result was the video was removed from the Internet and Levy Tran apologized.

Here is an inspiring piece. Although, I hate violence, we really have no choice. Fighting back is not evil. It's the pursuit of justice.

Asian guys in my home town were feared. There were no negative stereotypes. Non-Asian women crushed on Asian men.

Back then, racism was met with violence. For example, a white guy sexually harassing an Asian girl with racism was stabbed in
broad day light in front of his school.

Another example is a white politician who said Vietnamese asylum seekers were "savage creatures". His fiancee was Asian. Some
Asian gangsters killed him.

Sadly, things changed when those gangsters grew up and left the gangs. Memories of these men were replaced by racist girly Asian
males and exotic sex doll Asian female stereotypes.

Avoid going too extreme when you fight back. Don't become some racist aggressor. Remember, we're still outgunned at this time.
The last thing you want to do to give them an excuse to invade your countries, rape defenseless females, slaughter more men, cripple
your economies, and rewrite history claiming to have "liberated" you.

The best thing you can do is show that Asians have a spine and won't tolerate systemic racism.

Never back down. Stay safe.
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