How to Protect Your Kids
NEVER tolerate. NEVER submit.
● Teach them how anti-Asian racism attacks them non-stop with lies and negative stereotypes.
● Warn your daughters of certain racist white males who use Asian women. is a good example.
● Show them positive images of Asians from your native media
● Be a good role model. Do not be racist. Teach your kids not to be racist.
● Teach them to fight against racism
● Debunk their racist lies such as the small penis, sexist, cheaters, poor lovers, wife-beaters, etc
● Warn them about traitors such as lying author, Amy Tan so they can identify and avoid propaganda.
● Point out anti-Asian propaganda such as Madame Butterfly, Miss Saigon, many many tv shows and films.
● Teach your Asian sons to develop themselves
See this guide on how to fight racism for even more useful ideas
Introduction Asian Men Advantages Asian Men Disadvantages Anti-Asian Racism: Rotten to the Core Biggest Problems Small Asian Penis Lie Debunked Asian Male Loser Myth Debunked Asian Female white male explained Warning to Asian Females Mixed Babies/Hapas Warnings What Women Really Want and Think What is the Alpha Male? The Correct Mindset for Asian Men Frames are Extremely Important How to Fix Yourself How to Get a Girl Biggest Mistake Asian Men Make FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions How to Fight Racism How to Protect Your Kids Racist Asians Disappoint Me Asian Pride and Inspiration Resources
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