I wrote this for my fellow Asian males who are tired of be being left out of the dating scene. The information here is taken from years
of reading and applying. The information will help you find real and meaningful relationships with a female of any ethnicity.

This site gives Actionable Advice to Empower Asians.

I want to make clear that I've met more decent whites than bad, it's just the bad sticks out more - especially in media. I also know
there are plenty of scummy Asian men. However, I think it's safe to say lots of decent Asian men are getting screwed over.

Everything on this site is free. I want you to prosper from this and I want you to share it with your fellow Asians. Racism never goes
away on its own. Minorities have always had to fight to get more equality in all racist anglo countries. Even after decades of ferocious
fighting, Blacks still get hurt by the "justice" system.

Big Picture
Here's the quick big picture version for those who don't have time to read everything: Keep in mind, this is a general overview.
Exceptions always exist.

Why is there a dating disparity:

Starting with the big five:
● Systemic racism from racist anglo countries - lies about small Asian penises/patriarchal/abusers/cheaters and negative media
portrayals. We're rarely seen as a sexual man and we rarely get the girl in media. The root of this problem lies in the western
hegemony and general power imbalance of the world with white controlling a lot of the world's wealth and resources.
● Asian culture/upbringing based on obedience, submissiveness, tolerance makes us easy targets for racism and also creates what
the west calls "beta" men, who are seen as spineless. It's ironic since these values were taught to promote peace/harmony.. When we
see racism, our parents may teach us to mind our own business and just worry about ourselves instead of fighting back. This has
resulted with Anti-Asian racism being wide spread and socially accepted, whereas none dare to be racist against any other group
because they know there are consequences.
● Asian men who feel beaten by the negative media images and lose confidence in themselves.
● Asian men who resort to complaining instead of improving. Enough Asian men do fit the negative stereotypes especially the
immigrants that reinforce the bad image for everyone else.
● Asian traitors - authors, movie makers, etc. They're also known as sell outs who slander Asians by filling the demeaning and
stereotypical roles, pandering to "orientalist" views, using negative stereotypes for their comedic material, some treasonous Asian
females who buy into the brainwashing and slander Asian men while singing undeserved praise to white guys, etc.

Asian men "can't" get dates:
● Asian men are observed to be the only ones that rarely approach females. This could be due to racism, bad experiences in the
past, shyness, etc. However, this is observed by all females so it's very common. Very rarely will females ever approach a guy. It's
our job.
● Lack of alpha Asian men in the media. This is changing.
● Asian men generally have poorer social skills possibly due to upbringing, racism, etc
● Asian men generally take dating too seriously and seek marriage material types, which greatly narrows their dating pool to draw
● Asian men still clinging onto Asian females, thus lowering their own perceived value while raising the Asian female's value. This
could be due to seeing Asian females as a safe option since according to studies, we're perceived to be the least attractive. We make
ourselves too available despite the poor treatment some of them give us. Women hate men without a spine this weak attitude only
reinforces the poor behaviors of certain Asian females.
● Asian culture/families want you to date exclusively Asian female = "Asian guys don't like non-Asian girls" assumptions by non-
Asian females.

Asian females dating out:
● Hypergamy - currently, whites are at the top of society and women prefer to date up and gain access to white privilege as well.
● Asian females wish to be accepted into the mainstream instead of being the perpetual foreigner.
● Mixed babies. The beauty potential seems to be higher. Mixed tend to get the best of both worlds IF they're beautiful.
● Feel embarrassed to be with an Asian male because of his bad image created by racism and media stereotypes.
● Ashamed of her own culture and maybe her immigrant parents conform to the negative stereotypes.
● White guys tend to be more aggressive and ask females out.
● Asian females riding the "yellow fever" wave because it mostly benefits their social value. Some are concerned with what's
happening to Asian males, but many are ignorant, don't care, or are unaware of the size of the problem..
● "Yellow fever" from white guys who bought into the sexually objectifying stereotypes of Asian women.
● White ideals have reached world wide due to advertising and media.
● Asian female with white males is the most common of all inter-racial relationships and is the most heavily advertising-supported
media-supported pairing.

● Physical differences. Asian men are smaller and shorter on average = less masculine. This is changing, but for now, it's generally
accepted truth. Asian females shorter and smaller = more feminine. It's partly genetic, but largely diet, malnutrition in Asia, and a
strange disinterest in athletics.
● Cultural clash for x-females dating Asian males. There's less of a clash for Asian females dating white males because we're more
familiar with their culture already.

Keys to Getting a Girl
It's not that hard guys. If you aren't super short or super ugly then you simply need to...
NEVER match bad stereotypes in any way
Fix your mindset and fix your frames of mind
Get fit and dress well
Get conversation skills
Approach girls

You can see the full guide on how Asian men can improve here and the full guide on how Asian men can meet girls here.

If you are very unattractive then I am sorry, but your only options are to have power, status, fame, money or one amazing
personality. Power and/or status and/or fame would get you there faster though.

note: Disobey your parents when it comes to how you want to live your life. Respect for parents can only go so far before you
destroy your own happiness to appease them. Furthermore, the most important aspect of love is finding someone you can respect
and trust. It's hard enough on its own so narrowing your selection to only Asian females is silly.

Traditions - if too patriarchal then be more egalitarian. Learn to balance out the demands your mother may place on your partner
with moderation so your partner won't feel suffocated by your culture.
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