Mixed Babies/Hapas

If the parent's relationship was based on love and both are near equals in terms of age, looks, etc then the kids usually turn out fine
provided they're given guidance to understand their place in world with each foot in a different culture.

However, a subset of these relationships are not based on love. There may be a huge age gap, one or more of them are social
outcasts, a racist, a self-hating racist, huge gap in income, domineering, submissive, etc.

These subsets of relationships often grew from a power imbalance such as war brides and mail order brides. More recently, there is
a trend of seeing Asian females openly insulting Asian men, eschewing their own culture, and preferring to date only white guys. This
is a symptom of systemic racism that is born from the imbalance of power between Asians and whites.

While they may not be bought as a mail order bride, the self hate is quite clear in these specific types of Asian females.

Here are some of the possible reasons the hapa may be unhappy:
● They may resent their mother for selling out her own race (eg dissing Asian males, shedding all traces of her culture) or wanting
badly to be white.
● The kids may sense their Asian mother's resentment when they look more white than her.
● The kids may sense of subservient white worshipping/race based inferiority complex from their mother.
● They may resent their father for being some creepy white guy type (if it applies).
● The white father doesn't understand the Asian struggle and if the mother hates her Asian heritage (well, she won't be much help
either) so they may be unhelpful guides in a racist society. After all, he's been living white privilege his whole life and she's been trying
to get away from her Asian roots.

Note: I realize there are Asian females who proudly carry on their heritage while marrying out, white fathers who understand their
hapa children's struggles, etc. These criticisms don't apply to them.

Some hapa males who look Asian have it especially rough. Just read this. It's rather extreme and most (I hope) don't feel this badly
about being an Asian looking hapa. The amount of resentment like I said depends on the parents relationship.

http://shanghaishiok.com/2011/06/28/hapa-son-hates-white-dad-asian-mom/ - I copied it below for you

"The hapa male son of a WM/AF is the lowest being existence, the lowliest worm in the universe. They are a whole new level of
suck. What are they made of? Genetic trash. A white male who has failed to be a white male and thus acquire a white female. And
an Asian woman who thinks Asians are a disgusting race, and is glad to marry out of it, not realizing she carries it in her ovaries.
Cursed with a white male sucky Y chromosome, but doomed to inhabit the world as an Asian man. Just abort your hapa sons.

Was my mom clinically insane to marry a white man or was she just incredibly callous and selfish? Perhaps she planned on having
cute Eurasian daughters who could easily mate with white dudes. Well she badly miscalculated. Instead she's stuck with Asian-
looking sons. And yet she dissed all Asian males by her actions. She emasculated me at my birth.

I used to blame the white guys for having yellow fever and stuff. But according to science, its the Asian females who deserve the
blame, since males of all races try to mate with all races. Its the females who in every single race but East Asian, chose their own
over others. I have nothing against interracial marriages in the abstract. I just think that in the specific circumstances of American
culture, Asian females who mate with whites, hurt all Asian men. Now maybe its ok for them to put individual interest over race. But
the thing is their Eurasian male sons, like me, have to suffer the consequences. So its not some abstract racial myth, but their own
offspring. Maybe their right and eurasian couples should just abort the males like me. How dare my mom or dad ever lecture me on
anything, when they have no idea what its like to be an Asian male in America. They don’t have my experience so what right to they
have to advise? I feel like an African born to a white slave owner or a Jew born to a Roman conquerer. My very birth marks my
own defeat."

Parents should always be making decisions in the best interest of their future kids. Your kids are not a fashion accessory. They're not
there to fulfill YOUR dreams. Your job as a parent is more like a butler/mentor equipped with martial law. You're supposed to be
their guide in life and help them become what they want to be.

Date who you want, but make sure it's based on mutual love and respect or your children may suffer.
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