Warning to Asian Females Dating white males

It's your choice who you want to date. I just don't to see you potentially getting used by someone who doesn't care about you
because it breaks my heart.

While there are plenty of good white guys, there are also many white guys who just use Asian females for their sick sexual fetishes
and secretly hate your ethnicity - especially the men - you know, your brother, father, and eventually, your own half Asian kids.

This website below shows a small sample of the attitudes that are common on the Internet and in real life. Notice how many (not all)
non-Asian men appear respectful until you reject them. Then their real hateful racist nature comes out.

There's a whole section on why the asian female and white male pairing is so common. I explain it all with plenty of evidence. All I'm
asking is that you read it with an open mind.

This subset of white males known loosely as creepy white guys believe some or all of the following:
● You are sex objects that belong to them or can be bought.
● They are gifts to all women
● Asian females are submissive, exotic, tight vaginas, and kinky
● Asian males are inferior to white males and they will insult them when you're not around (or if you're around if you're self-hating
● Asian males are all the negative stereotypes seen in the media and worse, but they have zero redeeming qualities.
● They are doing you a favor by being with you
● All other cultures and values are primitive.
● Women are their enemies. They have been ignored or hurt by white women in the past and they carry this bitterness/hate into your
relationship and you'll endure the abuse.
● He will hate your Asian looking sons.

Here's how to test if your white boyfriend is really there for you or just to use you:
● Ask him to describe you or get a mutual friend to report back how he describes you. If you are described as submissive, exotic,
kinky, china doll, dragon lady, smart, good at math and other stereotypes then you know he is a creepy white guy unless you are
exactly those traits, which I seriously doubt.
● Make them wait at least half a year for sex.
● Send girls to seduce them and observe their reactions

Learn to see past appearances and see into their character:
● How do they treat other people?
● What's their relationship with their parents?
● What do they do for a living (eg is it ethical?)

Assess his choice of friends reflect his values.
● If most of his friends are players, you can be sure he's a player.
● If most his friends are scammers for a living eg sales people for crap products and services then you can be sure those attitudes are
in him as well or at least, he approves of them. What are crap products/services? There are so many, but many (not all) financial
investments, pharmaceutical (especially psychiatric), sodas, alternative health supplements that promise the world (there's nothing
wrong the basics like vitamins and minerals), many political/lobbying/special interests, advertising, etc
● If many of his friends are only one race then there's probably some racial bias there unless it can be explained.
● If he's comfortable making racist remarks as a "just poking fun" you can be sure he has no respect for those ethnicities and you
should be extra careful if those remarks are anti-Asian.

Never fall for lines like "I'm looking to settle down" or "I love you". It's not possible to honestly love someone within a few
weeks. Neither of you knows the other. If you sleep with them so easily, YOU'RE the one who is losing out. You are not
empowered by sleeping around. Do not let extreme feminazis brainwash you. You think you're the first? They'll pass their stds onto
you and leave and probably talk about how easy you were coupled with the obligatory all Asian men have small penises lie.

Particularly pay attention to how their behavior changes when they're doing well or poorly. These two extremes reveal the true
character. Rich people often act like they own everyone and they can simply pay off any crime they commit. Poor people often
become hateful, vindictive, and unethical.

Too many people simply assume good looks and wealth = good character. You must dig deeper.

Also, dress more conservatively. Dress sexy and you'll just attract scummy guys looking for easy sex. You can do a few searches
online and learn that very few guys want an easy girl except JUST for sex. Don't buy into the stupid mtv image of dressing like a slut.
It's very damaging to your life and you'll only suffer for it.
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