Older Women
Be careful of older women 25+ (ESPECIALLY 30+) who want a relationship.

Sadly, plenty of Asian women fall in this category. They'll claim that no Asian men asked them out but digging deeper reveals that she
just bought into the racist lies and slept with all kinds of non-Asian men and found an Asian male fool to provide for her used and
abused vagina.

Investigate their past carefully - especially if they're white women. There's a good chance she's been around the block and just
sees you as a meal ticket after she's had her "fun" fucking random guys. Never waste yourself on them. They're using you and they'll
continue using you by cuckolding you with other men behind your back.

I say be extra careful of white women because you have to wonder how she "came around" to see the attractiveness in Asian guys in
her 30's. Coincidence or by design? Be careful, my friends, be ultra ultra careful. Do not think with you penis on
this matter.

Think Carefully about Marrying
North american men have a lot to loose in marriages because extreme feminism has poisoned society and brainwashed women into
becoming man haters. Some women now freak out when asked to cook. Can you imagine a man freaking out for asking to repair
something or mow the lawn? Divorce courts favor women heavily and it's too easy for women to simply divorce you and steal your
wealth and destroy your life - even when the women cheat, they still get your wealth.

Use this Knowledge for Good
I invested several years of my life to learn these insights and several more months writing this in the hopes that you will grow into
great men to get the life you deserve and to give the racists crippling heart attacks.

Never use this knowledge to manipulate women. Never use this for revenge against ANY woman - that includes white women and
self-hating racist Asian females. Most of them are too brainwashed to know any better. There is no honor in stealing the "white man's
woman" - it only proves what a scumbag you've become because you're willing to hurt a human being just to get your revenge.
Never become like them. Racist white males that do this are the some of the lowest form of scum. The same goes for sport screwing
naive girls. If you want slut it up with another willing slut then go ahead and bump uglies to make your std cocktail.

Your "Friends" May Hate You
Your friends may make fun of you as you improve yourself. Either vanish for a while during your transformation or simply let them
go. Real friends should encourage your ascent to greatness not belittle you.

Racists will cock-block you and talk crap behind your back and belittle you in front of your girl - ESPECIALLY if your girl is non-
Asian. You must learn to deal with this. Send a strong message to such trash by standing up calmly and assertively.

Anger over Asian women Abandoning You
Yes, there are Asian women who refuse to date Asian men. You can be mad or you can understand their points of view. Many of us
DO fall into the stereotype of nerdy/geeky, poor communicators, and scrawny. In a way, I understand why they would distance
themselves from us but to disregard all Asian males? That's crazy because I've seen plenty of cool Asian males who do fine with
women. The solution is to Become a non-stereotypical Asian man. Make yourselves attractive to all women.

Women want what other women want. When you become a cool Asian male that girls like, other self-hating Asian girls will see that
and change their minds about you. However, if you're perceived as unwanted by all girls then self-hating Asian girls will use that as
"proof" that we're all worthless.

Think about the Happiness of your Biracial Kids.
They will be deemed outsiders by both ethnicities (although this does differ from region to region and how attractive you are). In
general, if the parents having a healthy loving relationship, the kids can adjust fine. However, if the parents have major power
imbalances in the relationship or dated out of self-hate, racism, fetishes then the kids may have problems adjusting.

Don't forget you'll have to deal with culture clash (that includes the dreaded in-laws), values, parenting styles, religions, finances, etc.

See this mixed babies.

This is not a Magic Pill
While this guide will improve you a lot, it can't create miracles. For example, if you're very short or very unattractive then it's always
going to be hard. You need to date around your level or become very rich and powerful and famous. There is basically an unspoken
"balance" or "scale" where your value matches her value. Two attractive people match in value. One attractive and one ugly is a value
mismatch. However, the ugly one can compensate by being rich, famous, powerful, etc. It's just life. I'm sorry. Just ask obese
women. They'll never get a hot successful guy.

Don't bother being the "martyr" who wishes to prove himself above this primitive thing called lust. You will both be miserable. She
will feel undesirable and you will not look forward to sex.

Boot-camps are a ripoff
This industry has spawned lots of con-artists charging thousands of dollars for boot-camps. Don't be a fool. There are legit ones, but
I wouldn't know who they were. Most of your problems are solved by basic appearance, mindset, never matching bad stereotypes,
accepting rejection as a part of meeting women (rejection happens to everyone) approaching, language/accent improvements,
conversational skills, and experience.
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