What is the Alpha male (AKA Real Man) that Women

Contrary to what you see in media, the real alpha male is the laid back guy who treats everyone equally and only gets tough when
required. He's not a bully. He tries to build others up - not tear them down. He lives and lets live. He will walk his own path
regardless of criticism.

There are two parts to the Real Man. There is the hard side and the soft side. The hard side we call "alpha" and the soft side we call

The Alpha Qualities
● Has a bigger purpose than himself and her. Women are secondary goals..they come with the territory of a well-lived life
● Understands that he alone is responsible for himself, his happiness, his success - his everything. No one else. If he's unhappy, it's
   his fault and he will fix it.
● Accountable for their actions. Admit errors when they're made.
● Dominant confidence/Takes charge.
● Independent
● Authenticity. Embrace who you are. Only change what you really don't like about yourself. There may be things that you do that
scare or weird other people out. Think about them and seriously consider changing them. See frames for a healthy perspective.
● Aggressiveness. Goes after what he wants
● Sexually aggressive within reason. Do not harass, but be non-desperately persistent. Women love to be desired and to feel
irresistibly sexy. It's important that you are comfortable being sexual. As weird as this sounds, women feel more comfortable around
a guy who is comfortable with his own sexuality.
● Direct honesty
● Physicality
● Has his own thoughts. Not afraid to disagree
● Unapologetic for his choices (unless they're very wrong)
Ethical leadership (use her trust in you for a TEAM win whenever possible)
● Fun attitude.
● Protect her against all harm - creepy men, jealous women, society, media/advertising brainwashing, consumer scams, etc.
● Doesn't tolerate bullshit/disrespect (women love being put in their place when they're acting up regardless of their fake protest)
● Gets things done
● Decisive
● Cares for her
● He uses his maturity and brains to avoid conflict but has the physicality to use as a LAST resort.
● Perseverance
● Calm
● Ambition
● Intellect
● He is his #1 priority but not rude about it
● Non-neediness - is complete by himself. Losses don't really phase him unless it's something big like family. Internally fulfilled.
Needs minimum to no external approval.
● Keeps evolving
● Can balance risk and reward. Will not risk more than he can lose
● Has standards for himself and others. Won't accept people below such standards.
● Doing things. Going places. Busy. Not be too available. Do not answer calls immediately or return them immediately. Do not
bullshit on the phone waiting for her to hang up. Your schedule is firm
● Calm purposeful movements. Not nervous or rushed.
● The way he presents himself is the way he is. He is congruent. There is no faking it or acting.
● Never changes himself for anyone. A woman tries to change a man yet paradoxically, when the man submits to her control she
looses respect because he is no longer leading. You need to decide what you need to change and why. If you're a chain smoker,
change, but for your health and her health If she wants to change your dress code because she doesn't like it (which you like) then
don't change.

The Beta Qualities
● Provide for them (this is also alpha when you think about it. Being responsible is a manly quality)
● Romantic/attentive/thoughtful
● Selfless to an extent (also an alpha trait). The key is that they have earned your self-sacrifice.
● Be tender. Cuddle, tell her sweet things, treat her like a delicate flower in public with chivalrous gestures (but rough them up in bed
   occasionally - not abusively! Like fun-roughing up), etc
● Loyalty (this is also an alpha trait)
● Demonstrate your loyalty through your actions eg Don't check out other women like a sex crazed fool. Don't hit on her friends.
Don't call out her mother's name during sex. She should never have reason to doubt you. However, don't act as if she dictates your
life. Be loyal because you want to be loyal - not because you fear her punishment.
● She should feel like the only girl in the world when you're together. Always be in the moment with her. Stay out of your head.
● Know what she wants without her telling you. Yes, it's a pain in the ass, but you need to constantly monitor her like a baby. Is she
cold? (give her your coat), is she hungry? (feed her), is she sick? (give her...I don't know. Just google it), is she upset about
something? (listen to her), is she unsure about your loyalty (reassure her with words and gestures), etc. When they have to tell you, it
means you messed up.
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